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What happens when you get your first prescription glasses?

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We are all constantly looking at screens. Whether it is from a mobile, desktop or TV, all of us are guilty of spending loads of time in front of them. There are mixed opinions whether this is the leading cause for the millions of vision problems people experience. But, all of us have a hunch that this is an essential factor, either directly, or indirectly. If you pass a lot of time in front of a screen and then look at something far away, chances are that your eyesight will get blurry. This is normal most of the time, and your vision will clear up in a minute or so. If not, then it’s time to get a pair of prescription glasses.

An eye doctor can determine how much your vision has worsened. They measure it using diopters and the closer it is to zero, the better your eyesight is. Even people that see clearly wear glasses to stop any problems from arising. But, all people experience the same things when they get their first pair of spectacles.

You can see everything

When you put your glasses on for the first time, it will be like discovering a new world. Everything will have incredible details that have gone unnoticed. All of the street signs and cars will be in “high definition”. The whole point of getting glasses is to make people see clearly. But still, experiencing the beauty of the world around them. Most people at this time wish that they had gotten glasses earlier.

Create a new look

It doesn’t matter where you get them. It could be a regular store or an online seller like Payne Glasses. Chances are that you will be able to look at hundreds of different models. Picking different colors, shapes, and sizes is so much fun. The coloring will likely depend on the wardrobe you want to wear.

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Furthermore, models and sizes are picked based on a person’s face. Various things suit men, and others that suit women. Based on face shape, people easily choose something that suits them.

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Cleaning them is hard and time-consuming

Now, this is a dreadful thing. Everyone is surprised by how fast and how easily glasses get dirty. Most people get stressed by this fact, but you don’t need to worry. This is normal. A great thing to do is to carry a clean, lint-free cloth. This way, when they get dirty from a water drop, dust, fingerprints and anything similar, you’ll be able to clean them immediately.

Constantly losing them

Here is the funniest part. Chances are that someone around you has asked where their glasses are, but they were on their head the whole time. This is a general thing. If you have the tendency to lose stuff, then be prepared to misplace your glasses. And, since you can’t see without them, this could turn out to be very frustrating. A great thing to do is to keep them at a place where you can easily see or find them. This way, losing them is less likely to happen.


Most people experience headaches when they put on their spectacles for the first time. This period of adjustment usually lasts for about a week. Your eyes might get sore, and headaches will happen consistently. This is because the eye muscles are working hard to make out what is happening. When they get used to the sight, the muscles will relax, and all of the pain will go away.

However, the frames can be guilty of this as well. They might be burdensome to get used to in a single day. Both your ears and nose will be under pressure. This is something that you will need to get used to. A smart thing to do is to take them off when this happens. Wear them for only a few hours in the first few weeks and increase the period little by little.

Final words

No matter why you’re getting a new pair of glasses, it will be a fun experience. Choose a pair, be prepared to experience the world differently, and be stylish.