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Tips for Visiting NYC with Seniors

Even if your parents have lived in NYC all their lives, it can still be a bit intimidating for them. When planning an outing for your elderly parents, you should consider their particular lifestyles. If you want to see everything through the eyes of a New Yorker, you should visit www.gonytours.com for more information. Here are some ideas on what you can do:

Visit the Whitney Museum

This museum has been the leader in NYC’s art scene for more than a hundred years. Thanks to the move to a new location in the Lower East Side, Manhattan, guests can now wander around the spacious exhibitions. Your parents are surely going to enjoy looking at works that remind them of their youth while spying newer creations from recent years.

You can easily get to this museum by using public transport, so you should not worry about how to get there.

Join the Senior Splash

This senior citizen water exercise event gives elderly people a chance to swim, socialize, and boost their health in a friendly environment. The indoor pools are well preserved and have many amenities for seniors. This program is available in Queens, Manhattan, and the Bronx. However, you need to register at the NYC parks department before taking your parents.

Walk the High Line

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High Line Park is a mile and a half of elevated train tracks located in the Lower East Side of Manhattan. It offers a great way for aging tourists to see the city. From this walkway of great modern design, you can see great views and amazing floral arrangements.

The High Line makes a great outing for your elderly parent and there is enough transportation to get you there. Moreover, the park’s administration holds events such as art exhibitions, poetry, music, and spoken word.

Visit the Botanical Gardens

With plants from all over the world, workshops for seniors, and carefully arranged gardens, the Bronx Botanical Gardens deserve nonstop visits. This location is great for aging parents because of amazing amenities such as reduced rates for seniors, transportation trolleys, and ample rest areas. You can access the area easily through buses and trains.

Peruse Sixth Avenue Antiques Market

During the weekends on Sixth Avenue, you will see vendors lining up for the Annex Antique Fair & Flea Market, which is a signature event in Manhattan. For an admission fee of one dollar only, you and your parents can take a leisurely walk through clothing, jewelry, antiques, and artwork. Moreover, both transportation and dining establishments are nearby if you feel hungry.

Visit World-class Coffee Shops

The city of New York has no shortage of talented baristas and charming coffee houses. Wherever you are in the city, chances are that there is a coffee shop right around the corner. If you are looking for excellent coffee, you should try Stumptown Coffee, which offers one of the best drinks in the city.

Sign up for Recreation Centers

The Big Apple abounds with government-sponsored activities for older citizens. If you are looking for something to do with your parents, you should consider signing up for senior citizen recreation centers, which offer transportation and plenty of amenities. Here are some options:

Greenwich House Senior Centers: with four locations just in Manhattan, this center is a great place for seniors to interact with their peers and take part in arts and crafts activities.

St. John’s Recreation Center: this center is located in Brooklyn and hosts fitness activities and senior games for people over the age of 50.

BronxWorks Senior Centers: this establishment has five locations in the Bronx and offers movies, ESL courses, and fitness activities.

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