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Honolulu: A Stylish Residence For The Modern Gentleman

Honolulu, Hawaii is everybody’s dream location. Ask anyone what they associate with the place, and they’ll respond with sunshine, dancing and music. Yet, while you may picture beachside fires and colourful dresses, Honolulu is packing so much more than that. It’s one of the most modern, cutting-edge places in the world, and the stunning views are just a bonus.

With the cost of living in major cities on the rise, retreating to a quieter location is becoming more and more appealing. Honolulu offers everything the modern gent may need and more, and is slowly becoming the champion of the millennial pursuit. Whether you want to live there temporarily or permanently, there are numerous options you have available to you.

Without further ado, the following article will detail all the benefits you’ll be subject to should you opt for a life in the sun. Happy travels sir!

The Weather

If you’re prone to sunburn, best pack that sun cream. A lot of it. The average temperature is between 27 and 32 degrees celsius, and that doesn’t vary much throughout the year. Of course, like any other city, it will be warmer during the summer months. But, you can be sure of a healthy dose of sunshine consistently throughout the year.

And this is where the benefits begin. You’ll never have to pay to go on holiday again, and we all know how expensive that can be. You can rest easy by the warm, sunny beach all year round, without spending a penny. Also, it rarely snows in Honolulu, or Hawaii in general. It’s usually only the tallest peaks that get a fine dusting of the cold stuff. So, no more digging your car out of the drive in winter weather, or being cold at work.


The Homes and Condos

Whether you’ll be bringing your partner or going solo, the modern gent will feel right at home with Hawaiian housing solutions. Everyone wants their home to look sleek and modern, and Honolulu personifies these traits completely. It’s home to some of the best property developers in the world, so you’ll be spoilt for choice.

You can check out house and condo info at SandIsleHawaii.com/neighborhoods/kaimuki/. Most living spaces are located very close to local amenities like shops and bars, meaning your life will be fully centralised. Unlike living in a city or a suburb, where driving to the shops may take a while, they’ll be right on your doorstep here. You could even walk and soak up those rays some more.

Additionally, Honolulu is home to a wide variety of neighbourhoods that would be suitable for a variety of people. From family friendly homes to smaller, apartment-esque condos, you can choose where to live based on your specific needs. Living in a city often restricts you to one choice; a flat. Here, you’ll be offered all the choice you need.

The Relaxed Atmosphere

Since Honolulu is so close to a ton of beautiful beaches and seas, the atmosphere is golden. You can hear the waves rolling from your home, and sunbathing is just a short walk away. Gone are the main roads, city traffic jams and car horns beeping every five minutes. You’ll be detached from all the bad things surrounding modern culture, but still attached to all the good things.

Additionally, this relaxation is consistent. Honolulu has one of the lowest crime rates in the whole country, meaning you can always keep your guard down. Most modern gents will own a variety of fancy tech and gadgets, so these won’t be at risk as much as they are in a city. Honolulu possesses a friendly, inclusive aura, and you’ll always feel safe.


Of course, if you do run into trouble, you can always check out a site like http://www.gohawaii.com/uk for help. Not everyone possesses those savvy Hawaiian travel tips, so do a bit of brushing up before you take the metaphorical plunge.

The Laid-Back Work Rules

Unlike most countries, where dressing casually to work would mean making a weird fashion choice, in Honolulu it’s normal. Most workers don’t have to wear shirts or ties to the office! No shoes, no suits and no uncomfortably warm clothing; sounds good to me.

Tourism is big in Hawaii, for obvious reasons. Getting a job in this industry means you’ll be spending your days soaking up the sights and getting out and about. Most men would be lying if they said they didn’t fancy an adventure holiday, so how about a permanent one? Of course, you’ll actually need to land this gig first. But considering that tourism is one of the biggest industries in the state, you’ll stand a good chance.

The Romance Opportunities

Let’s not sugar coat it. A lot of men will choose where to live based on how much of a chance they have at romance, and Honolulu is a safe bet. You can even have a read at a handy guide on how to pull the ladies in this city alone. I’m kidding. Actually, no I’m not, here it is http://www.successwithwomen.info/how-to-meet-girls-in-honolulu/.  

When you pictured Hawaii at the start of the article, I’m guessing you also pictured a bevy of beautiful dancing women. Well, while stereotypes aren’t cool, Honolulu is actually home to a lot of professional hula dancers, so you’re not far off the mark. Best get those hips moving gents. You wouldn’t want to look out of place.

So, if you’re a singleton looking for a brand new start in life, you’re going to the right place. This city possesses everything a man could need, from housing right down to amenities and love interests.

The Conclusion

Of course, not everything is for everyone, but Honolulu sure offers a lot. The modern gentleman will find everything he needs in the place, and more. It’s a luxurious retreat that can turn into a luxurious life if you so desire. Hopefully this article has given you food for thought, and I’ll see you on the beach sometime.

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