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How To Stay Suave And Stylish This Summer

Summer is almost upon us, and that means lots of sunshine and high temperatures. As a gentleman, it is very important to keep your cool throughout the warmer months. Especially when you are out globetrotting around the world. Want to know the secrets of staying suave and stylish throughout the summer period? Below are some of our secrets.

Get The Look


If you aren’t wearing the right clothes, you’ll end up sweaty and flustered. And that isn’t a good look for anyone! So stay on top of your game and make sure your wardrobe is complete with summer essentials. Linen trousers will keep your legs cool, and cotton t-shirts can help your skin breathe under your clothes. Linen shirts also work a treat as well, although they are quite tricky to iron! If you want some inspiration for your new summer wardrobe, check out superdry.

Eat Fresh

You’ll be surprised at how your diet can affect your body’s temperature. If you eat heavy comfort foods like stews and pies throughout the summer, you will quickly feel full and bloated. It is best to stick to light meals and healthy bites, such as summer salads and sushi. Remember to drink plenty as well. You’ll be sweating more throughout summer, no matter what you wear, so drinking lots of water will help replenish your body. Try not to overindulge in alcohol either. It can affect the way your body handles the heat.

Don’t Get Too Much Sun

Tans aren’t particularly in fashion anymore. Especially since everyone has woken up to how damaging they can be to our skin’s health. But if you do want that unmistakable summer glow, get it from a bottle. Fake tans are a safer option, much better than sitting out in the sun all day. One of the major benefits of fake-tanning is that you don’t run the risk of getting sunburnt. So you can stay a nice brown, without tipping over into a painful shade of red!

Seek Out Shade


As pleasant as sitting out in the sunshine can be, it isn’t advisable to do it for too long. Especially during the middle of the day, when the sun’s rays are at their strongest. If you feel things getting on the warm side, look around to see if there is any shade into which you can move. If not, it might be best to head inside until things cool off outside.

Treat Yourself

Many of us get fed up easily when it’s super hot outside. So be kind to yourself and make sure you have lots of cool treats in the house. Fill your freezer with ice pops and ice cream. Put some delicious drinks in the fridge. They don’t have to be the healthiest treats –after all; you are allowed to indulge yourself now and then!

So be the ultimate gentleman this summer, and don’t get stressed in the heat. Hopefully, these tips and tricks will help you remain a dapper gent until autumn gets going!

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