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Extreme Outdoor Activities to Try in Dubai

Skydiving Dubai
Photo by Christoph Schulz on Unsplash

This luxury Middle Eastern city has increasingly become one of the most popular holiday destinations in the UAE. While Dubai attracts wealthy visitors in search of designer goods and an unparalleled opulent getaway, this desert city also attracts thrill seekers. For many tourists, spending a day lazing on a white sandy beach, haggling in the souks or splashing out on a pampering session just their kind of holiday. If you’re a gentleman who prefers a little excitement, then consider these outdoor activities and adventures.


Skydiving Dubai 1024x768 - Extreme Outdoor Activities to Try in Dubai
Photo by Christoph Schulz on Unsplash

While you can ascend to the top of Burj Khalifa (currently the world’s tallest building) to enjoy spectacular views of Dubai, skydiving is the perfect adrenaline fuelled alternative. Experience the thrill of free fall as you rapidly descend through the air, then relax and marvel at the sights when the parachute has opened. As you travel toward the Palm’s drop zone, marvel at the city’s incredible skyline and gaze at the cluster of manmade islands shaped like a world map.

Balloon Adventures

Forget magic carpet rides, the real way to experience the glamour of Dubai is by hot air balloon. Departing from the middle of the desert, a private balloon ride will carry you over stretches of sand dunes, miles of clear turquoise ocean and the stunning Hajjar mountains. While airborne, see if you can spot some of Dubai’s desert wildlife, including camels, wolves and the Arabian Oryx.

Tip: to experience breathtaking scenery, book your aerial adventure during sunrise for an unforgettable adventure.

Drive a Dune Buggy

Desert safaris are becoming increasingly popular in Dubai, but for those with a truly adventurous spirit, driving a dune buggy is the way to go. These buggies are fully fitted in line with safety standards, featuring equipment such as roll cages, and users have to wear helmets. When you’re kitted out, experience the thrill as you drift through the sand dunes. Plus, many operators offer packages complete with accommodation, barbeques and tours, so you can make a day of it.

Wreck Diving

Snorkelling is a favourite holiday pastime of many, however, diving can offer a more exciting adventure. You can dive in almost any exotic location and view expanses of coral reef, brightly coloured tropical fish and diverse marine life, but there are also a number of ship wrecks laying under Dubai’s oceans. Book a trip to explore Dubai’s history in crystal clear waters that offer incredible visibility.

Tip: invest in an underwater camera to capture your experience.

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