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6 Best Countries To Go On An Adventures Road Trip

Most people enjoy sitting at a swimming pool for weeks when they go on holiday. It’s about the least adventurous thing you can do when visiting a new country. After a certain number of years, I’m sure you’ll eventually get bored.

You should do something different before that ever happens. Hire a vehicle and go on a wild road trip. You’ll have the greatest time of your life, especially if you choose the right country. Let’s look at a few you should take into consideration.

Canada – Cabot Trail

cannada cabot trail

If you jump inside your Ford Escape and hit the Cabot Trail you’ll see some of the most splendid views in North America. The scenic highway can be found on Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia and is full of everything you can think of.

You’ll get to see large cliffs and untamed wilderness, plus there are beaches and hiking trails to explore. When you’re on land you will come across lots of moose, or if you decide to take a boat trip you will discover magnificent whales.

Iceland – Ring Road

Have you ever wanted to experience an entire country in one trip? The Ring Road circles around Iceland and you’ll get a little taste of everything. It’s possible to drive around in 10 days, but it’s worth spending much longer on the road.

If you feel brave enough you’ll be able to walk on a glacier. Those who prefer warmer things will enjoy the lava fields, lava tubes, and hot springs. The geysers are exciting if you like watching mountains of water fly out of the ground.

Scotland – North Coast 500

Once you leave civilization in Scotland it looks like you’ve accidentally traveled back in time. I bet you’ll wish you could have seen the legendary castles in all their glory. The coastal scenery you will witness is majestic too.

Stop on the way to walk along rocky beaches up the coast. If you’re feeling a little cold you should look for whiskey distilleries. They make some of the tastiest in the world and you’ll be able to find out how it’s done.

Ireland – Wild Atlantic Way

Ireland might be a tiny country off the coast of Britain, but it’s absolutely gorgeous. The Wild Atlantic Way will take you 2500 kilometers up the coast where you’ll stumble across amazing views. It’s packed full of everything you’ll want to see.

One thing you’ll especially enjoy is the rich culture, which is nothing like at home. There are a huge number of places to stop as you drive past, including lovely beaches and enormous cliffs. Don’t visit in winter when it’s ice cold.

South Africa – Durban to Cape Town

So far, everywhere we’ve looked at isn’t exactly warm unless you visit at the perfect time. If you like hot weather you’ll love driving through South Africa. Drive from Durban to Cape Town and you’ll take in the Garden Route along the way.

It’s an extremely exotic trip with lots to see and do. Go on a safari if you want to get up close and personal with the big five. Jump in a cage if you want to dive with sharks. Just don’t drive in a nice car like a BMW X.

New Zealand – South Island

South Island in New Zealand

People say visiting New Zealand is like traveling to a different planet because it’s so breathtaking. It must be why they decided to shoot The Lord of the Rings there. The only way to see the South Island is by driving around in a camper van.

You’ll find it easy to make your way around the island. If you drive in a big circle you will cover everything you need to see. Landscapes will change before your eyes every so often. It will be unlike anything you’ve experienced before.

It’s Better Than Relaxing At a Hotel

You might feel like relaxing at a nice hotel, but road trips are much more enjoyable. It’s impossible to know how much you’ll love it until you give it a shot. Choose any of these countries and you won’t regret it.