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The Mouse for CSGO I Like Most

CSGO is undoubtedly been played all around the world. Since it is an FPS, the use of nothing but the mouse is paramount to the great manageability of the character in the game – whether terrorist or counter-terrorist.

Owing to this, and my brother’s obsession with the game, I delved into troves of information on the internet to fish out the best mouse for CSGO.

However, before I could go on listing my selection, I want to mention what I learned about considering things before buying a mouse.

  • DPI: it should be between 3200 to 450.
  • Buy a wireless mouse to stay away from the hassle of managing wires and achieve precision in terms of
  • A switch that can aptly respond to even the slightest pressure (Omron is the winner here)
  • An optimal sensor that could provide the best tracking performance (Razer, Corsair are revered as the premium makers here).

So, these were the things you should keep in mind before buying a mouse.

Now, let’s head to the list of the mice for CSGO that I like most

1. Logitech G303 Daedalus Apex

Bearing the PMW3366 sensor—one of the most accurate and precise optical sensor—the Logitech G303 is a lightweight mouse that is known for providing greater control to the player.

The control is also rendered to the player in terms of the DPI switching. You can hop back and forth the five settings that come with it. With that, it comes with a beautiful light tweaking and a sleek design, both of which are drool-worthy.

2. Logitech 403

Loaded with Delta Sensor Technology and a 32-bit RAM, the Logitech 403 is beyond comparison to any of the mice for CSGO. But I didn’t place it on the top because I didn’t like the software that comes with it. Its mediocre performance brings down the overall built and the function of the mouse.

Still, things pertaining to the design of the mouse like a formidable grip, the plastic feet that aids in smooth gliding, and again, its ability to let you set the DPI from 250-4000 are something that let me place it on the second spot.


Well, this might come to you as a shock, but this mouse is ranked by me on number 3 because of its subtle yet appropriate features that encourage nothing but a series of headshots.

It comes with a DPI of 3,200, but this doesn’t limit its capacities. Basically, like Logitech 403, this mouse also hits the jackpot of the perfect design for CSGO, which is ergonomic and solid; thus, making a perfect amalgam for headshots.

However, since everything cannot be pitch-perfect, the only backdrop of this mouse is that it does not have “too much” of the frills to offer. That could be a headache for you if you are seeking a one-in-all mouse not only for CSGO but also for other games.

So, this was it – my list of the  CSGO mouse I like most. Of course, the obvious winner is the Logitech G303 Daedalus Apex, but based on the things to look for in the mouse stated above, I encourage you to look on further. I’m sure through trial and error; you’d finally have your favorite mouse for CSGO.