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Best Tips to Improve Audience Retention on YouTube

Best Tips to Improve Audience Retention on YouTube
Image by Claudia Dewald from Pixabay

Hundreds of different factors influence the results of video promotion. But some of them, such as audience retention, are a priority for optimization.

If your average retention is at the 30-second point, the statistics will not grow even if all other indicators have perfect values.

There are several ways to increase average retention. Let’s talk about them.


The easiest way to raise the retention rate is to increase the length of the video. If your video lasts 10 minutes and people watch it for only 2,5 minutes, it is still better than a 2-minute video with one minute of retention. However, the percentage of the first option loses as much as two times (25 and 50%, respectively).

There are two reasons why YouTube pays attention to the average viewing length and not the percentage:

  • The longer the viewer watches, the more advertising can be shown. This is the company’s income.
  • Selecting a new clip on YouTube is inconvenient. It is not a TikTok where everything is done with one swipe. You have to scroll, click, and analyze. If you can show the viewer an hour-long video that he will watch without interruption, this is what the platform will do.

Increase the meterage without losing the quality of the content, for example, by combining several videos into one.


If you order from a trusted site, you can ensure that it is safe for your channel. Buy YouTube views only from real people who will watch your video for a long time. This will help increase the level of audience retention.

YouTube videos
Image by Tymon Oziemblewski from Pixabay


In addition to the advice to “make it better, make it more interesting,” there are a few tricks that can increase your future retention during the creation phase of the video.

  • There is no need to deliberately procrastinate with your answer, speak slowly, or delay the video in any other way. Long videos are good, but being too slow can discourage the audience from continuing.
  • You need to make the first 10 seconds of the video as intriguing as possible. Add the most interesting moment at the beginning of the video or make a montage of such moments. Or you can start with the content immediately and not even say hello to the audience.
  • You have to diversify the scene as much as possible. Make something change, something happen. If the content does not provide any action, then, if possible, change the angle or shooting plan. The easiest solution to increase the visual dynamics is to shoot the video from several cameras.
  • For audio diversity, change the melody to one that matches the video’s mood. If the topic and script of the video are well written, the music will change regularly and help keep the audience’s attention.


Use the audience retention graph to get valuable information:

  • find the segments that are being re-watched or rewound
  • understand where the majority of viewers drop out
  • determine audience interest


Another tool to help solve several problems at once:

  • Keeps viewers from getting bored. If you study the analytics of past videos in advance and insert the call to action at the most troubling place, you can achieve even better results in terms of retention.
  • If you ask for likes, retention can increase even more. Many viewers decide in the first seconds of viewing whether or not they will watch the video to the end. And the main role in this decision is played by the likes.

Obviously, each channel has a unique situation. Study this article carefully and decide which tools might work for you. Be sure to use several techniques at once for maximum effect.

Featured Image by Claudia Dewald from Pixabay