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5 Styles All Men Should Try at Least Once

Image by StockSnap from Pixabay

When it comes to style, men either have it or they don’t. For some guys, looking good simply means throwing on some half-clean clothes and running a hand through their hair. For others, it takes a vast amount of effort. However, no matter what type of fashion sense or style you may have, there are certain looks and fashion trends that every guy should try at least once. After all, you may just find something you like, which will make it all worth it. Take a look at the following five styles all men should try at least once.

  1. Suit

Okay, so maybe not every occasion warrants wearing a suit, but when it does—or at least when it’s appropriate—this is something you should consider doing. Suits not only show that you have style, but they can make you stand out from other men in the vicinity, which is great if you’re trying to gain attention. The best thing about suits is that it provides ample “dress up” for every season, making it an attractive summer look or a go-get-‘em winter fashion statement. Pick one up at your local men’s store and see how it transforms your life

  1. Cowboy

Even if you were born and raised on the furthest thing from a farm, pulling off the cowboy and country boy look wins over the hearts of many. All you need is a pair of jeans, a flannel shirt, and a good pair of cowboy boots, such as Lucchese Boots. You’ll not only be amazed at how you look in something so comfortable, but you’ll be even more amazed about how comfortable the cowboy boots are to wear. In fact, you may just find yourself wearing them even when they don’t match your outfit.

  1. Beards

If you can’t grow facial hair, then this is out of the question for you. However, if you can, consider growing a beard. It’s shocking how much some facial hair (to the length of your choosing) can change your face. And should you opt to start the beard in the winter, you’ll be amazed at how much warmer your face is. Plus, beards are a hot commodity right now, and many women love the way the scruff feels against her face when you’re smooching.

  1. Man Bun
Man bun
Photo by Studio Republic on Unsplash

Most people would have assumed the man bun would be dead by now, but it’s still going strong. What makes a man bun so wonderful is how it can look good in any occasion, from a sophisticated dinner party down to a night out with the boys. As long as you keep your hair clean and secure that man bun in a way that still highlights your features, this is definitely something to consider if you’ve ever wanted long hair. Aside from more care, you’ll need to invest in some hair clips and bands to
keep the hair tamed added Men’s Hair Tools.

  1. Chic

If you don’t mind spending a little extra time on your look, then opting for a chic style could be the best thing for you. Be sure to pick out clothes that involve layers and plenty of coordination. This could be anything from a jacket with layered shirts underneath to a nice vest coupled with some accessories. But you can’t just focus on the clothes. Instead, this involves being chic with your hairstyle, keeping your hands clean, and ensuring you always have shoes that match the outfit. Even though there’s work involved, the end result just may make it worth it to you.

Being a man doesn’t mean having to forgo fashion. No matter what your specific style and taste maybe, make it a point to try these five fashion statements at least once to spark something new into your wardrobe and overall look.

Featured Image by StockSnap from Pixabay