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A Guide to the 2022 Royal Ascot Dress Code for First-Time Gentlemen

A Guide to the 2022 Royal Ascot Dress Code for First-Time Gentlemen
Photo by Justin Horton on Unsplash

Royal Ascot is one of the most stylish events on the British sporting calendar. If you’re thinking of venturing across the pond to the UK and you’re a fan of thoroughbred horseracing, it’s a great idea to time your visit with a trip to Royal Ascot. 

The event is labeled “Royal” for a good reason. The racecourse was founded by Queen Anne in the early 18th century and is situated just six miles from the iconic Windsor Castle, which Queen Elizabeth II still frequents today. In fact, Her Majesty the Queen regularly visits Royal Ascot, which further heightens the sense of occasion. She even owns several racehorses, which is no surprise given that it’s easier to invest in them than you might think. 

The five-day event hosts multiple Group 1 races across the week, which is why many consider it the marquee meeting in the UK flat racing season. The sportsbooks make it just as important as the racegoers, as they’re super-hot on their betting promotions before and during Royal Ascot. 

In the run-up to the meeting, free bets for Ascot are plentiful, especially for first-time customers. The free promotions range from risk-free wagers to deposit match bonuses, whereby sportsbooks commit to matching an initial real-money deposit into an account. 

If you want to look the part when exploring the betting ring or your chosen enclosure, you’ll need to abide by the strict dress codes that Royal Ascot applies each year. This event is world-renowned for its sartorial fashion trends and remains a global inspiration for occasion dressing. 

Each enclosure at Royal Ascot has its own strict dress code, which we’ll explore in greater detail below. 

Royal Enclosure 

Royal Enclosure
Photo by Rawisara Prachaksubhanit on Unsplash

The Royal Enclosure is, unsurprisingly, the most illustrious of the four enclosures listed in the Royal Ascot dress code. All gentlemen entering the Royal Enclosure must wear a morning suit that’s either black, grey, or navy. This must feature a full waistcoat, tie, top hat, and black shoes. 

It is good etiquette to remove your top hat inside the restaurant or the terrace and garden areas of the enclosure. Top hats must not be customized in any way, and novelty ties or waistcoats will also be rejected. 

Queen Anne Enclosure 

Gentlemen entering the Queen Anne Enclosure for Royal Ascot 2022 must arrive in a full-length suit, complete with a collared shirt and complimentary tie. Both jackets and trousers should be of a complementary pattern or color. Ties must be worn at all times, but cravats and bow ties are not permitted to be worn in the Queen Anne Enclosure. 

Guests wearing chinos, jeans, or sneakers will not be permitted access even if they have a ticket for this enclosure. Socks must also be worn above the ankle. 

Village Enclosure 

The Village Enclosure is where gentlemen’s dress code starts to become more relaxed. Although a full-length suit is still permitted – complete with a complementary collared shirt and tie – that tie can also be a cravat or a bow tie, depending on your preference. Overseas visitors are also warmly welcomed to wear their country’s formal Service or National Dress. 

Socks must still be worn above the ankle, and jeans and sneakers are still not allowed to be worn in any area of the Village Enclosure. 

Windsor Enclosure 

Those with tickets to the Windsor Enclosure will find that no strict dress code applies to visitors here. However, ladies and gentlemen are invited to “dress in smart daywear.” Gentlemen are advised to wear at least a jacket, collared shirt, and full-length trousers. 

Despite the relaxation of the rules in this enclosure, novelty, branded, or fancy-dress attire is still not allowed on site. 

Be sure to head over to the official Royal Ascot website to check out the visual guide to the event’s dress code to get an essence of the vibe.

Featured Photo by Justin Horton on Unsplash