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8 Cars Worthy of Being Your Next Big Purchase  

Nissan Xterra
Image by Ricgh forPixabay

There’s nothing as great at defining status than a sleek, sexy vehicle with you at the wheel. For aspiring gentleman everywhere, no matter the individual taste or style, there’s an option that can help you look sharper. We’re not talking small, hatchback cars here (nor sedans), but rather bigger, more powerful models. The type of car that denotes power, control and, most of all, manliness.

Nissan Xterra
Image by Ricgh forPixabay

Let’s take a look at eight models that are well worth becoming your next big purchase.

Jeep Cherokee SRT

2015’s Jeep Cherokee SRT, combines mind-bending performance with ultra-premium luxury in a package that is devastatingly great looking and powerful too. Going from 0-60 mph in just 4.8 seconds, this 475 horsepower beast is sporty yet practical, boasting an eight-speed automatic transmission and a 20-inch aluminium wheels. The best of modern SUV technology.

Chevy Colorado Z/71

Chevy have corned the midsize truck market with particular aplomb and deftness with their Colorado model. Although smaller than its rival, the Silverado, the Colorado is more defined, more compact but still as much of a titan. Featuring GM’s automatic locking system, as well as a hill descent control system and upgraded shocks and suspension, this is a great starter car if you’re new to pick-ups.

Ford Raptor

Launched in 2010, the Raptor was so genre-defying that it changed the game for SUV designers looking to capture the market and buyers attentions in much the same way. Stout, quick and sturdy, the Ford Raptor boasts independent front and solid-axle rear suspension systems and massive 35-inch tires.

Toyota 4Runner

Toyota’s off-roader, although it comes into its own when tested on rough terrain, is just as stable and high-performing in urban environments too. The 4Runner has a coil-link rear suspension that makes it a safe and sturdy choice but it also looks great thanks to its elevated chassis and elegantly designed bumper.

Toyota Land Cruiser

Toyota’s other vehicle worth paying attention to is its old favourite the Land Cruiser. As syonymous with off-roading as perhaps Jeep itself, Toyota’s flagship SUV has grown to encompass all the modern design features of a typical vehicle in its size-range and also packaging power in its big 5.70-litre V-8 engine supported by the company’s own Kinetic Dynamic Suspension system, allowing for more movement in slow-speed conditions.


Midsize and no doubt luxury, the BMW X5 is another vehicle worthy of any man who seriously cares about looking good in car’s list. First introduced in 1999, the X5 has made a lot of developmental strides since then, becoming much more popular with urban residents thanks to its unibody chassis contributing to a rather immaculate safety record.

Mercedes-Benz G500

Mercedes has always enjoyed something of a legendary perception among car aficionados and not just those who are fans of SUV’s and 4X4’s. The G-Series, originally developed for the army a couple of decades back, is hugely popular commercially and relatively unchanged since its military days. Combining an interior of leather and wood, the G-series is famously plush and is placed at the higher end of the market for that very reason. If you’ve got the cash though, then this is serious value for money.

Nissan Xterra Pro-4X

Nissan’s trucks have long warranted a design revamp in terms of its vehicle portfolio but the manufacturer has rarely been short on great SUV designs worthy of people’s wallets. The Xterra Pro  is a great option for people wanting something with the potential clout of a truck but without wanting to wait another year for the update to come.

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