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Top Three Must-Have Motocross Gear

Under the ropes at Rimini's mototherapy exhibition

When it comes to extreme sports, few are as popular as motocross. It’s especially popular in countries like Australia where the natural landscape allows for the perfect trails, and even if you aren’t into off-roading there are plenty of closed tracks to choose from. If you’re just looking to get started in the sport and you’re unsure of what you’re going to need, you’re going to want to check out this list of top three must-have motocross gear that will get you started.

Protective Safety Gear

This next ‘item’ is more like a category as it encompasses a number of things. Motocross is a very exciting and fast-paced sport, but with that comes a lot of danger and safety risks. Taking extra precautions and picking up the essential safety gear is vital. The safety gear you will need are elbow and wrist pads, a chest and back pad, a helmet (which fits with your goggles), a kidney belt, a neck brace, knee and ankle guards, shoulder pads, and protective underwear.

Because each of these items protect you from a safety standpoint, you want to be sure you shop for high quality offerings. This isn’t the area to cut costs in.

In order to save you time from checking out store after store, you can always head to the Alpinestars range. Alpinestars has been an absolute game changer in the industry, providing people with top-of-the line offerings and truly setting the benchmark when it comes to protection and performance. They are known for their apparel, gear, and boots.

High Quality Goggles

Because you’ll be riding through some pretty bumpy, dusty, and dirty tracks you’re going to want to have a set of high-quality goggles that will keep your eyes clear. Not being able to see will not only impede your ability to stay on the track but also poses a huge safety risk to yourself and others.

Specially Designed Motocross Boots

While this technically can fit into the category of protective gear, it’s important that they get a mention all of their own. Motocross boots are specially designed to protect your ankles and feet while you take on the track, go over jumps, endure various wet and dry weather conditions, and even drag your toes on uneven terrain. They need to be able to take a real beating and hold up to any environment.

You may be wanting to cut costs so you figure just a typical pair of boots would do the trick, but this is a huge mistake. Motocross boots offer a level of protection that isn’t found in other boots, and is imperative to your safety.

Ready to Experience the Sport – Motocross Gear

Of course, there are also other items you’ll need such as protective clothing meant to keep your body safe should you fall; base layers, socks, and more. Getting into the sport is definitely an investment at first, but keep in mind that the initial costs are much higher than maintenance costs.

So now that you’ve got the essentials covered, you’re ready to get into the sport and start enjoying yourself.