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Who Do You Think Are The Hardest Sportsmen?

Rugby?  Boxing?  Ice Hockey?  Think again.

You have more chance of dying when horse racing than you do playing rugby, cycling, skiing or even dying.  In fact, riding a horse is nearly three times more likely to kill you than a gunshot!

With Cheltenham 2016 starting on Tuesday 15 March, Paddy Power have published the following infographic to show that jockeys are indeed the toughest sportsmen in the world:

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Perhaps you’ll have second thoughts over your or you’re children’s careers.  Football, rugby or even skiing seem a lot safer than becoming a jockey.

Footballers may suffer from calf and thigh injuries from time-to-time and tennis players get the occasional tennis elbow, but 40% of all injuries sustained by falling off a race horse are serious.  The majority of these are broken limbs, neck or back.

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