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A Lone Star Guide to Relocating to Texas

Relocating to Texas
Image by David Mark from Pixabay

A Lone Star Guide to Relocating to Texas

So you’ve decided to join the exodus of skilled professionals from states with high costs of living, state taxes, and a frightening natural disaster probability rate and decided on relocating to Texas. You’ve booked a moving truck to ship your goods to the Lone Star state, and now you’re getting targeted ads on your phone because you stayed up late one night trying to decide if you could pull off a Stetson and a pair of Tony Lamas.

That’s okay – we’re here for you. And we’re going to tell you about acclimating to Texas. There are five points in the star on the Texas flag, so we’ll give you five points of insider advice to help you get ready for your move. (Incidentally, the five points on the flag represent fortitude, loyalty, righteousness, prudence, and broad-mindedness.) Without further ado, here you go:

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Image by David Mark from Pixabay

Point One: You’re Going to Love the Food

As long as you move to a decent-sized city in Texas, you’ll probably be surrounded by fantastic food options. Citizens of San Antonio and Austin like to argue about which city invented the breakfast taco (the answer is San Antonio), but no matter, because you’re going to love breakfast tacos. These Tacos are served on warm flour or corn tortillas, and the options range from potato-and-egg to bean-and-cheese to barbacoa. It is a tradition to eat barbacoa tacos and drink Big Red, a local soda that tastes like bubblegum. The food in Texas doesn’t wimp out once breakfast is over, either; you can fill the rest of the day with delicious Tex-Mex fajitas and enchiladas, German sausages, barbecued brisket, beef ribs, double cheeseburgers, and so much more.

Point Two: You’ll Want to Get a Grill

In Texas, people invite their friends, family, and coworkers over for barbecues. Here’s what a barbecue at your home might entail: cold beverages, from sparkling water to sweet tea to ice-cold beer; all manner of snacks, such as chips and queso and store-bought veggie platters; and then a bunch of protein to throw on the grill. People grill beef, pork, chicken, vegetables, veggie burgers, and shrimp. Sometimes you tell your guests to bring their food to throw on the grill, and sometimes you go to the grocery store hungry and fill your cart with whatever looks good. Grilling can be as fancy as a competitive sport with the best pellet grills, or as humble as a simple hibachi on your porch.

Point Three: You Don’t Have to Dress Like a Cowboy or Drive a Pickup Truck, But You Can If You Want To

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Image by skeeze from Pixabay

Once you cross the state line into Texas, you’ll be amazed by how many pickup trucks and SUVs are on the road. Pull into a Costco parking lot in San Antonio, and you might think you’ve pulled into a Ford dealership by mistake. However, there are plenty of Texans who drive sedans, station wagons, minivans, sprinter vans, and sports cars. Two doors over from where I live in San Antonio, there is a family with two – not one, but two – Tesla electric cars. Not everyone listens to country music, either. So really, the choice is yours. If you’ve always secretly wanted to be a cowboy, you’re in luck! You’ll fit right in. But if you dress like a surfer, you’ll be equally as fine.

Point Four: You Can Drink Beer on the Beach

If you’re coming from another state with beaches, there’s a high chance that you’re not allowed to drink beer on them. Well, welcome to Texas. Not only can you bring your ice cooler along, but you can also drive your vehicle right up to the water’s edge. If that sounds far-fetched, plan a trip to Galveston or Port Aransas as soon as you can. 

Point Five: Summer’s Hot, So is Spring, Fall, and Part of Winter, but There’s Air Conditioning Everywhere!

Lastly, it gets hot in Texas. There’s no point in trying to hide that fact from you. But in Texas, we do something about it. Just about everywhere, you will have an icy air conditioner blowing full blast and a bridge full of cold drinks. We don’t hover around indoors all summer, though. Instead, we float down rivers in inner tubes and swim in the Gulf of Mexico. We manage just fine; we might not go for a jog until the sun goes down.  So what are you waiting for, its time for Relocating to Texas!


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