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How Do I Deal With A General Contractor?

How Do I Deal With A General Contractor
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How Do I Deal With A General Contractor?

When you are working with a contractor for a new build, a renovation, an addition, or any other work, it is important that you understand how to communicate with them and how to maintain a positive working relationship through the duration of your project. As with most relationships, the central key to a positive relationship with a general contractor is to make sure that you have regular check-in meetings in order to make sure that you are on time, on budget, and on target for the project overall. If your in Seattle and are looking for a reliable and trustworthy general contractor, we suggest taking a look at this solid team.  No matter where you live its important to know “How Do I Deal With A General Contractor”.  The construction business is full of surprises so when time lines slip having good communication with your contractor can help alleviate stress and help get things back on schedule. 

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Photo by Daniel McCullough on Unsplash

Take a look below to get some general tips on how to deal with a general contractor in a way that will maximize your relationship while you are working together, which will help you get great results for the work that you are doing together, and a positive and enjoyable time spent with the general contractor that you have given your work to.

Communicate Often

If you are not making an ongoing effort to stay in communication about your project, then it can be especially easy to find that you are out of sync on a variety of things, namely your budget and your deadlines for project benchmarks. There are many different ways that a project can get off-track, and a few minor setbacks can ultimately lead to a noticeable gap between your expectations and the reality of the situation if you are not aware of these issues as they come up.

Schedule weekly check-ins with your general contractor so that you know what is going on with your project to avoid surprises. 

Work Through Your General Contractor To Deal with Subcontractors

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You hired the general contractor for your job, but it is important to remember that your general contractor is the one who hires their subcontractors in order to bring in specialists for different requirements of the project. While you may have a very clear understanding of what you and your general contractor have agreed to and what the scope of your project looks like, the general contractor will, in turn, have specific instructions, deadlines, goals, and contracts with their subcontractors that may or may not seem to align with your expectations.

This gap in understanding can lead to some significant miscommunications, so it is best to work through the general contractor with any issues or questions that you may have about any work that is being subcontracted. Otherwise, you may find that there are some issues that arise that are simply miscommunications or misunderstandings that could have been easily avoided by working through the proper channels.

Realistically, the most important thing to do when you hire a general contractor is to maintain constant communication, maintain clear expectations, and get all agreements in writing to ensure that you are each in agreement on the work being done, the timeline that the work is being done on, and the expectations that you have for the project. Like any relationship, the relationship between you and your GC relies on this ongoing communication.  Good luck on your project, I am sure you will enjoy the end result!

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