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Enjoy Great Beer in Great Places with the TrailKeg Pressurized Growler

Trailkeg pressurized growler
Image by TrailKeg

According to the National Homebrewers Association (AHA), over one million Americans derive joy from homebrewing their own beer. In addition, AHA reports that approximately 40% of these Americans began this fulfilling hobby over the last four years. As this unique hobby becomes increasingly popular, so does the number of products marketed to new and old customers- those who have been brewing for a long time and those who are just looking to start. One company, in particular, TrailKeg, has launched its own brand of bottles, kegs, and growlers to keep your homebrewed beer in top-tier condition until the last drop runs out. We have compiled a list of helpful ideas and how-to’s to keep your homebrew at the highest (and coldest) quality with a TrailKeg growler. 

The TrailKeg Pressurized Growler:

TrailKeg’s ever-popular TrailKeg pressurized growler allows homebrewers to not only keep your beer constantly cold but also perfectly carbonated as well. This stainless-steel item holds a gallon (or 128 ounces) of liquid (or approximately ten beers) and is vacuum insulated to keep your liquid cold for at least 24 hours. It also includes a lid, chrome tap, 75psi manual pressure vent, and a regulator and regulator port. The entire growler weighs about 13 pounds when full, decreasing to around 6 pounds when empty, and comes with an easy-carry handle on the side for your convenience. This product also comes in a half-gallon size, should you feel that you don’t need the full magnitude of the 128 ounces. 

When to use or bring your TrailKeg Pressurized Growler:

1. Camping or Road-trip: 

TrailKeg Pressurized Growler
Image by TrailKeg

Take your hard-earned, delicious homebrew out on the road with you on your next camping trip. Great beer tastes best when enjoyed with close friends or family, in the comfort and quiet of the wilderness. Reward the end of a great hike with a cold, homemade beer, or start your hike with a cold one! If a road trip is more your speed, pack your ice-cold growler in the car and optimize those one-of-a-kind moments in front of a gorgeous sunset. 

2. Party: 

Bring your homebrewed beer to the next big party you attend or host. This would be an excellent opportunity to ask for honest feedback on the taste of your creation from those you know, trust, and value their opinion. You could even invite your closest friends over for a tasting party, complete with a taste questionnaire to gather all the data and input you can to improve your creation to its best version. 

3. Game Night: 

Enjoy Great Beer in Great Places with the TrailKeg Pressurized Growler
Image by TrailKeg

Dazzle your friends by bringing your own delicious homebrew to game night! Get a group of your closest friends together for some friendly competition. Card or board games can add more fun.

4. Brunch Party: 

Did you know that your growler can also hold other carbonated beverages, such as kombucha? Kombucha is a recently popular drink comprised of yeast, tea, sugar, and bacteria to make a wonderfully fizzy sour drink. It is full of probiotics and antioxidants, aiding the digestive process. 


A TrailKeg pressurized keg can add a different element of fun to whatever activity or event you attend. Amaze your friends, family, and other loved ones with your delicious homebrew in the highest quality growler on the market.  

Featured Image by TrailKeg