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5 Facts About Camping for the First Time

5 Facts About Camping for the First Time
Image by chulmin park from Pixabay

Camping is one of the best outdoor activities all over the world. It’s not only easy but also fun and memorable. From storytelling with family or friends, fire crackling, and freedom of sleeping outside in the fresh air, camping will give you a lifetime experience. You may even check Preakness Stakes odds and make your wagers as you camp.

It’s estimated that over 42 million Americans go camping every year, equating to 14% of the US population. This shows how much camping is loved and practiced. But new campers can feel intimidated by the idea of the fear of the unknown and real facts about camping for the first time.

Discover five facts about camping for the first time and get ready to go camping!

1. Types of Camping

Camping comes in various types, and a camper determines which type will suit them best depending on the kind of experience they want, the budget, and their personal experience in terms of camping. One of the Camping types is dispersed camping, which involves camping outside of a campground, mainly in National forest lands.

There’s campground tent camping where requirements are carried by car to the designated campground. The car is used as the store for the supplies even after pitching the tents.

This type of camping is the best and most efficient for starters because it involves traditional tents with no technicality making it easy for first-time campers. Campground camping is considerably comfortable, easy to use, and safe for a beginner.

2. Staying Safe

Camping is a great outdoor activity that gives an experience like no other. But, the jungle has no mercy, and it can get tough, messy, or even dangerous. That’s why safety measures come in handy.

Safety can never be emphasized enough because it’s the key to all the fun and wonderful experiences during camping. Check out these safety ideas that will help you in preparing for your first time camping;


For first-time campers, it’s advisable to go camping when the weather is calm, with no signs of rain and great snowfall. This is because you are still new to this and without much experience in managing these disasters, so avoid them to keep yourself safe.


The campground location should be safe, with an area to pitch the tent on. If you love privacy, check out whether the area gets crowded at times.

Be sure to pitch your tent away from trees. This will save you the trouble of cleaning sticky droplets from the trees, making the tent difficult to fold while packing.

Fire Lighting

While the fire is a must-have, watch out for any hanging branches and grasses that might catch fire which can cause havoc at night. Fire crackling can also lead to wildfire, so be on the lookout.

3. Required Gears

Campground camping is quite easy in terms of the supplies required compared to other types of camping because it’s car camping. This means you can carry as much as the car can handle, including heavy and comfortable equipment for your ultimate fun.

The key equipment is a tent. Sizes are determined by the number of people it will host and the comfort and privacy the campers want. You will also require sleeping bags and sleeping pads since the temperatures are usually low at night, and it’s important to keep yourself warm and comfortable.

Remember to bring with you some camp lanterns, especially if you are many and might need to sit in circles. These lanterns will illuminate the whole area. Flash torches are useful too.

4. Type of Clothes

Camping needs warm clothing that keeps you warm and dry as well. Synthetic fibers and wool are great choices for camping.

Temperatures can change frequently, so wear several warm clothes and adjust as the temperatures change.

5. Kitchenwares and Food

campfire cooking
Image by Jalyn Bryce on Pixabay

Camping gives you options on what kitchenware to carry or what foods to eat. A portable stove is better for cooking easy meals that don’t take much time.

Campsite fires are also great to use when you have some quality cooking pots. You can cook various meals from potatoes to noodles, and if you feel adventurous, hunting for your meal will be cool, be careful with this, though.


The camping experience is simply the best. The fun of sleeping outside the normal wall, the fresh night air, and the open fires are incomparable. 

If you have never enjoyed a night in the wild, these five facts about camping for the first time will help you get started. Don’t miss out again on this awesome experience. Go camping!

Featured Image by chulmin park from Pixabay