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5 Unique Father’s Day Gift Ideas

5 Unique Father's Day Gift Ideas
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Mother’s Day might get all the attention, but Father’s Day is still an important and unique holiday! After all, dads deserve to be remembered, too! We know it can be hard to come up with gift ideas that truly show dad how much you appreciate him, so we wanted to share five unique Father’s Day gift ideas you probably haven’t thought of before. Happy Father’s Day from our family to yours!

Give them something they can work on

Instead of just buying your dad a gift card or some socks, try giving him something that he can work on and make part of his daily routine. It’s more personal and will definitely be used by your dad more than other gifts. For example, if he wants to improve his golf skills, you could buy him a few golf lessons. If he wants to work on his health, you can offer to pay for a gym membership, or if you have the money to splurge, a new treadmill or other workout equipment that he can use at home will help him achieve his goals. 

For the cyclist 

Invite dad to join you for a mountain bike ride or take him out for an all-day road trip. If he’s into commuting, even better! Whether he loves to ride trails or roads, making time together on your bikes is a great way to bond and enjoy some exercise at the same time. And let’s be honest: there are few things more fun than working up a sweat with Dad. Bring along something special for after: a picnic lunch in a park or scenic overlook to make it extra special. It’ll feel like you’re kids again, but remember that while riding a bike is fun and healthy, safety first! Ensure everyone has helmets that fit properly and follow traffic laws when riding on public streets. Always wear bright clothing during daylight hours so cars can see you too. If he needs new bike gear, this would be the perfect time to surprise him. 

For the traveler

Why not think outside of the box and get him something that will truly be useful on his next trip? Buy him a Guidebook – Looking to go to Paris? Get dad a guidebook on Paris to plan out his trip while doing all of those fun things fathers do with their spouses! Something that he can wear on his trip and make packing easy such as the best minimalist belt is something that he can wear daily, especially when he travels to work. Travelers always love personalized luggage, and your dad will be no exception. You can also get him a gift card on his favorite airline or his favorite hotel chain to use to plan his next trip. 

For the sports lover

Game night
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If your dad loves to play sports or is always talking about his favorites, consider framing and displaying a collection of his jerseys, team posters, or game tickets. He’ll love reliving his glory days by enjoying these mementos in an area with lots of traffic, like an office or living room. Game nights with family and friends will become even more fun when your father feels a sense of accomplishment when he sees reminders of a great career. If you want to give him something more unique but don’t know what to get him, find out if he’s still in contact with any players or coaches from his days on the field. Chances are, you can score some free tickets for a game night if you ask nicely!

For the dad that has everything

If you don’t want to go out on a limb, take care of any errands he has been meaning to get done and make it extra special by including him. You can also give him the gift of an experience. Does he need a massage? You can book an appointment for a day at the spa. Does he love music? You could get him tickets to see his favorite singer or band perform. Does he enjoy a glass of wine? You could also pay for a wine tour that he can enjoy with his spouse or you. For the dad that has everything, the gift of experience seems more appealing. 

Whatever you choose to do or buy for dad, as long as it shows that you put a lot of effort into it, he’ll love you for it. May this year’s Father’s Day be unique and make memories.

Featured Image by ClarionHotelPost on Pixabay

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