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How To Travel Long Term as A Couple

How To Travel Long Term as A Couple
Image by Hans from Pixabay

Traveling with your partner for a long time can be amazing. What could be more enjoyable than discovering unknown stretches, climbing to the highest peaks, and exploring deep jungles on a long-term travel trip?

Travel is always thrilling and exciting. You meet new people and learn new things about the destination and yourself. However, if you are worried about how you will manage things on the go or how it will turn out for the two of you, don’t fret.

This article will clear up all your doubts and questions.

We understand each other’s travel expectations.

Traveling with your partner for a few weeks once a month versus being on the road, flight, or bus all the time are two very different experiences. The former is a luxury and a break from the mundane lifestyle, whereas the latter is your lifestyle.

Therefore, you need to understand your partner’s expectations and your own travel goals. You both must be on the same page.

Several things go into planning long-term travel trips.

You need to decide on the budget, mode of transport, accommodation, supplies, etc. 

Is your partner comfortable with sharing bathrooms and beds? Are they willing to sleep in slightly untidy motels or hostels? Is your partner ready to stay with your friends, or are they comfortable with the choice of destination?

You need to discuss all these fine details before you begin the trip. Remember that you are each other’s only partners. If you plan long-term travel, you must be willing to understand each other to make the road trip less argumentative.

Share the load.

It is not always a man’s job to book hotels from the best hotel booking apps and flights, and it is not always a woman’s job to cook meals. Those days and stereotypes are long gone.

It is the twenty-first century, and we share the load when it comes to working.

While you are traveling together, you must share your work and responsibilities. You cannot stick to definite jobs. It is always a great idea to take up different roles as long as it is in your capacity.

Travelling entails a long list of tasks. Beginning from the choice of destination, places you want to cover, activities you want to try, accommodation, travel, food, return, etc. As a result, sharing the burden will make your load lighter and ease the task.

It also helps build a better bond when things get tough. Sharing the burden is the most beautiful way to receive love.

Therefore, never let one of you have all the work or fixed roles.

Give Personal Space.

It is great to have a partner, a lover, a protector, and a friend by your side all in one person. However, personal space is equally essential. There is nothing compared to the time you give yourself alone, away from the world’s chaos.

This regular introspection is crucial for your mental health. As a result, you must respect your partner’s boundaries while establishing one for yourself.

You cannot always expect each other to be a couple. Sometimes you need to act as if you are traveling together. There needs to be a tie away from all the cuddles and kisses.

Eat Well and Be Happy.

couple eating
Image by Silviu from Pixabay

Constantly traveling and not having the comfort of your bed or the coziness of your couch can be challenging. The bus or train seat with a 90-degree angle is not the best position for your body.

Aside from that, you have no control over the weather because of global warming. It can get from cloudy to scorching hot within hours, draining you of energy and willpower.

Imagine all this with the burden of a heavy backpack on your shoulder.

However, all this can cost you your physical and mental health.

Most traveling couples tell us that the main reasons for their argument trips are fatigue, irritation, and frustration due to hunger and thirst.

Therefore stay full and hydrated. You do not need to go for extravagant meals, but you must also avoid skipping meals.

Eat healthy, which must also be tasty to keep your happy hormones up. Carry enough water with you and some juices.

It is probably true that the way to the heart is through the stomach.

So, to keep your heart and sweetheart happy, you must be happy and healthy.

Time Well Spent

Constantly traveling has its perks and struggles. You cannot travel tension-free until your father owns a bank. You must work while traveling, stay in hostels to save money, eat local food, and so on.

All of this might compromise your sex life and quality time. You can cuddle and kiss in front of twenty people.

Similarly, you cannot always go to a fancy restaurant when you visit a new destination.

Therefore, “quality time” is highly compromised, and you must do something about it. Take the initiative to plan a nice dinner once in a while. I do not think once in a while would hurt your wallet.

You can constantly hug them when they feel exhausted, bring them something cute from the local market when you are exploring, etc. These little gestures are enough to account for quality time when you are not at home.

The lack of rest should not result in a lack of love and concern.


Do not get intimidated by reading someone’s unsuccessful travel tale. Every couple is different, and you are too.

Long-term travel is fun yet challenging. You can overcome all the challenges if you plan and communicate consistently with your partner to understand their needs.

Featured Image by Hans from Pixabay