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Ditch a housewarming party for a house moving party

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Polls have shown that people consider moving house to be one of the most stressful events in life. However, there are some little tips that can make it much easier to deal with. Packing away everything in your home is one of the more stressful parts about moving, so having some friends chip in to help could be the answer you need. Rather than throw a housewarming party once you’ve moved into your new home, spend some time with your nearest and dearest with a house moving party.

Having your friends help you move home could be the stress buster you need to survive moving house, and there are a few easy ways to pull it off.

Get as many people involved as you can

The more people you invite, the quicker you will be able to pack up. Set aside a day, or even a weekend, dedicated to packing away, and let your friends and family know a few weeks in advance, so they know when they can stop by to help. Make sure your friends know they’ll be helping you pack up, so they can dress appropriately. Let them know what you want help with – which could even be just packing away books, and other little bits and bobs.

Start planning early to get an idea of how many people are expected to turn up, so you can get enough food and drink for everyone. You can also assign people to different rooms, which could make the packing process much faster. When it comes to delegating tasks, make full use of people’s strengths and weaknesses – for example, if you have one friend that’s incredibly organised, then have them help organise, sort, and pack the items, rather than lifting and moving heavy furniture.

Make it a party with food and drink

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Choose food that’s easy to grab and eat, like pizza or chips. Takeaway will be your best bet, as you don’t need to prepare anything, and the clean up is minimal. You can even offer snacks for your friends to keep them going; remember, packing can get exhausting. Have a selection of drinks for your friends, but maybe keep any alcoholic beverages for later in the day – you don’t want your helpers to get drunk before you’ve finished packing!

Keep spirits and energy levels high with music, choosing songs that everyone knows and enjoys. This makes the day much more enjoyable, and gives off a genuine party vibe, while also making the workload seem less intense.

Reward your friends for helping you pack

As your friends and family take time out of their busy schedules to help you pack up your belongings, show your gratitude with little treats for them. One way to say thanks could be to offer them first dibs on anything you won’t be taking with you to your new home. These could be anything you were going to sell or donate, from electronics to clothes, and could even be one way to convince your friends to help you pack.

While packing everything can seem daunting, it’s made much easier with those closest to you, and even offers you the chance to make some last memories in your old home. Having food, drinks, and music can turn the whole process into a fun weekend for you and your friends, and is much more proactive than throwing a simple housewarming party in your new home.

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