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The Rebirth of Boxed Wine – Boxxle Review

For a long time, the idea of buying wine in a box was something frowned upon by many wine drinkers – it just didn’t seem right or practical.  But now, a new product has been released that is leading to a rebirth of boxed wine – the Boxxle.

Bag in a box wine dispenser

The Boxxle is a multi-patented dispenser for three-liter premium wine casks that can be used at home, in cafes or bars and in restaurants.  The Boxxle wine bag dispenser means you can buy your favorite three-liter bag in box wines or try something different and simply place the interior bladder into the Boxxle.

Once inside, the Boxxle raises the wine up to allow the spigot to be held above your glass and then automatically compress the bag to get the wine to flow.  There’s no awkward squeezing or lifting and no risk of a burst bag and an unbelievable mess of wasted wine.  In fact, the dispenser even looks smart on the worktop to add a useful gadget to your kitchen.

The Boxxle isn’t just for wine either – you can use it for iced teas, cocktails, chilled shots and even juices to allow easy and clean dispensing of your favorite drink.

Benefits of Boxxle

The benefits of the Boxxle stem from the surprising benefits of bag in box wine.  Long seen as a substandard product, the combination of the bag in box wine and the Boxxle mean that your wine can last for up to six weeks.  This cuts down on waste (or that urge to drink more just to finish the bottle) while offering a better quality product.   The system is also great for the environment, boxes are an eco-friendly recyclable packaging that cost less to make and are less likely to break than a glass bottle.

Added to that are the benefits to the wine itself.  As well as being shatterproof and avoiding waste that way, the Boxxle is portable so you can take it with you wherever you go.  Additionally, the wines within it will never suffer from cork taint, a common problem with wines stored for any length of time.  And the range of wines available in this format is impressive including classic styles, new wines and even organics.

Boxxle for bottle fans

Boxxle also realize that some people just prefer a bottle of wine.  For that reason, they also now offer three-liter wine preserve bags that can store up to four bottles per bag.  Bottles of wine stay fresh for a longer time with the preserve bags and the bags can be ordered for just $9.99 for a set of three.

Boxxle retails for $99 and is available online at www.boxxle.com or Amazon.

Boxxle provided their product in exchange for an honest review. All opinions expressed are our own.