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A Gentleman’s Guide To The Perfect Bachelor Party

Planning a Bachelor Party Weekend
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A Gentleman’s Guide To The Perfect Bachelor Party

Getting married might very well be one of the most important moments of any man’s life, but the party begins well before the wedding. Before you get tied down to the love of your life, it is imperative to escape from reality and enjoy your last night of freedom to the fullest! Typically, the best man is responsible for all of the necessary arrangements. If this happens to be you, it is crucial to explore our guide, which will help the perfect gentleman prepare the perfect bachelor’s party for his best mate!

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Find a Suitable Venue

Although the party might start at a club or bar, it is vital to have a hideaway or a man cave. The last thing you want the groom to do is head back home to his partner. In my experiences, it is always best to rent a house where you can crash! Bring a few cots, blankets and sleeping bags, because you’ll want everyone to have a comfortable night. Be sure that your rented venue is going to be secluded and spacious as much as possible. This way, even if you decide to get a bouncy castle nd jump around like fools you can do so with all the freedom in the world. I hired Essex inflatable services to my best friend’s party and it was a hit! Boys will be boys. During the summer, opt for a winter destination and vice versa. This will ensure that the party can get a little out of hand and nobody will mind! You can also find out more about bachelor party destinations available to choose from in case you have not decided on one.

Foods and Drinks

It is imperative to ensure that everyone has a good time! During my time planning bachelor parties, I find that alcohol is always the way go to! Of course, I bring an assortment of hard and soft drinks. Everyone has different preferences and this will ensure that nobody is left out. People are going to get hungry, so food is essential! Let me rephrase that! Man food is essential. Do away with all of those fruits and vegetables. You want steaks, burgers and plenty of bags of potato chips.

Fun Activities

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In my honest opinion, the chosen activities are the most important aspect of the bachelor party! It is crucial to keep everyone entertained throughout. I know my friends and you know yours. Using their personalities and preferences will help you. For my parties, I like to choose an assortment of different activities, such as cards, biking, video games and drinking games. Regardless of everything else, drinking games always work exceptionally well.

The Groom Sleeps In Luxury

I might not like sleeping on the floor, but it isn’t my special day! With this in mind, you will need to be a little selfless in this regard. Allow the groom to get a bed and room to himself. As long as this is accomplished, the remaining sleeping arrangements aren’t a big deal. Trust me, everyone will be too tired to care, once the fun has concluded.

Groomsman Gifts

A bachelor party will not genuinely be a bachelor party, without the groomsman gifts. You need to be creative, when you are selecting a special gift for your pals. You will have a limitless selection to choose from, but you should consider each of their personalities. Of course, you will need to stick with the same gift, because you do not want to offend, but this is not to say that you cannot mix it up a bit.

Personalized beer mugs are the bomb and you can select a personal message for each of your groomsmen. If you have a serious fellow in the crowd, be sure to personalize his message, as such, but for the jokester, you can definitely choose a jesting message that will impress.


At the end of the day, I try not to stress the planning process too much. The party is going to be fun, because you’re going to be hanging out with your friends! Toss in a little bit of fun and drinks and the rest will fall into place.

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