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 Fun Ways to Make Your Travel Memorable

Extreme activities
Photo provided by Jason L of aspiringgentleman.com

Even among chronic homebodies, travel excites just about everyone. Whether it’s domestic or abroad, you have to love where you go. It’s an experience unlike any other that will make your travel memorable. You get to see things not everyone sees and you get to meet people you never would have encountered if you’d stayed at home. To make your trip truly memorable, just follow a few simple tips.

Take Pictures

 Fun Ways to Make Your Travel Memorable
Photo provided by Jason L of aspiringgentleman.com

It seems like a very “mom-like” thing to do, but taking pictures helps your mind remember those little things you otherwise might have forgotten. To make the trip more memorable, position yourself in front of monuments, beautiful landscapes, and other iconic vistas rather than just taking pictures of those scenes by themselves. That way, when you recount your adventures to friends and family members, the photographs associate you with the destination. If you don’t want to buy a digital camera, a variety of smartphones, including the iPhone 6, possess the camera power to allow you to take pristine pictures and even send them to loved ones back home. You can also print these amazing pictures to create personalised canvas photo prints for your home! It puts a personal touch to displaying artwork in your abode.

Get Off the Beaten Path To Make Your Travel Memorable

While it’s very easy to get caught in tourist traps, the best path in travel is the one less taken. Tour the well-known landmarks featured in the glossy brochures for your destination, but set aside time for places you discover. The best way to view a place is through the eyes of the locals.

Go to a random bar, restaurant, or café. Realize that most people welcome tourists. Once you’ve made eye contact, strike up a conversation. Hometown pride is something that nearly every person has whether they’re from a small town or a big city. Write down the destinations that locals recommend. You’d be surprised what a little chit-chat will get you when you’re abroad.

Eat the Local Delicacies

It doesn’t matter if the local food seems gross or unpalatable. Instead, take a deep breath and eat what the local people eat; the element of surprise makes this an adventure. If you go to England, dine on fish and chips. During your trip to Uganda, try the Matooke. If you visit Puerto Rico, eat the mofongo. The most important part is sampling something you’d never eat in your own town. You may not like it, but at least you’ll have enjoyed the experience, and it’s like they say: “When in Rome, do as the Romans do.”

Do the Extreme

Extreme activities
Photo provided by Jason L of aspiringgentleman.com

It’s probably comfortable on a Saturday night to order a pizza and watch a movie. However, when you’re abroad, strike this option from the menu. When you’re limited to just a few days to explore a city or region, stay active so you get to enjoy the best things the destination can offer. Extreme sports make your trip even more memorable. Skydiving, canyon swinging, bungee jumping, and even high-altitude hikes make unique experiences that stick in your mind. There’s nothing better than viewing a foreign landscape from 15,000 feet.

Travel the Local Way

Even if you just want to travel from your hotel to a museum, catch a train or cab to enjoy the authentic experience in your destination. Buses are a great way to take in the culture, as you see people traveling to work. While this doesn’t seem all that exciting at first glance, you get the opportunity to see how people’s lives are similar (or dissimilar) to your own. You’ll see that even though you live far away, you enjoy certain commonalities with people from other cultures.

Spend, Spend, Spend

Keep an open mind and realize that you might only see this country or state one time in your entire life. Therefore, it’s integral that you live it up. An entrée costs $50? Forget about it. Splurge while you have the chance. You’ll have the time of your life, and the locals will thank you for digging into your pockets and supporting local businesses.

Making Your Travel Memorable awakens the spirit and soothes the soul, but only if you capture memories to enjoy after you get back home. Don’t just pick up a souvenir at the airport on your way home; instead, focus on making each minute count.


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