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5 Reasons Why Every Gentleman Should Know How to Cook

For men, cooking is something of a mystery. Most men don’t think twice about ordering food from a restaurant or stuffing their face with fast food because it’s convenient, quick, and enables us to get on with our lives. We think that we don’t have time to spend on preparing, cooking and then cleaning, so what better way to speed up our lives than to simply buy some food and get on with life?

Wrong, wrong, wrong! Not only should mean learn to be self-sufficient and cook for themselves, but every aspiring gentleman should learn the value of food and what it means to sample fine ingredients. If you’re not completely convinced that learning to cook is worth your time, then here are five reasons why every gentleman should know how to handle the kitchen.

  1. It’s a great conversation topic

Everyone eats, which means everyone likes to talk about food. It doesn’t matter if you just talk about fast food, your favourite restaurants or even your most popular home cooked meals, the topic of food is a universal one that can apply to almost any situation. Whether it’s your mother that you’re speaking to, your partner or even your date, food is the perfect topic to start (or save!) a conversation. Everyone has some food-related experiences to talk about. Whether it was a horrible meal you had at a fancy restaurant, the best tasting burger you’ve ever had or silly dinner party stories, there’s also something to talk about and extending your vocabulary about food could draw a lot of attention.

  1. Women find it attractive

Women aren’t looking for stereotypical boyfriends that laze around and don’t know the difference between a frying pan and a saucepan. They’re looking for partners who break the mould and can offer something unique and different. A boyfriend that can cook is not only attractive to women, but some would even consider it to be sexy. Many women grow up wishing that they won’t have to spend too much time in the kitchen. Whether it’s because they don’t want to cook breakfast, lunch and dinner every day or because they want to be the one being pampered now and then, there’s no arguing that not every woman wants to spend the rest of their days at home in the kitchen.

  1. Romantic dinners

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Both men and women know that romance is important for any relationship. Although women know which buttons to push when creating a romantic dinner date at home, men aren’t strangers to it either. There’s nothing more sensual and romantic than a gentleman preparing not only dinner for their partner but also putting on a show in the kitchen and dining room. Easing them into their seat, pouring the perfect glass of wine and serving a delicious plate of food all add to the pampering experience that women want from men. There are many ways to learn about romantic dinner dates; you’ll have to learn what tastes your partner has, and according to the withmywine.com/wine-pairing-chart/ chart, your choice of wine is going to make a big difference in your partner’s overall enjoyment as well. Plan ahead, learn how to cook, and you’re guaranteed to win someone’s heart with a romantic dinner.

  1. Becoming self-sufficient

One of the things that define a gentleman is their ability to be self-sufficient. We’ll polish our own shoes, press our own shirts and tidy our own hair. If we’re going to spend so much time learning to be self-sufficient, why shouldn’t we extend that to include our food? Knowing your way around a supermarket is a fantastic way to save money and get delicious food for a much cheaper price than buying from a restaurant or fast food joint, but the only way you’ll take advantage of that is if you learn how to cook. Just remember that there are plenty of guides that’ll teach you how to cook, so don’t be afraid of learning how to use a kitchen just like how you learned to use a razor.

  1. Health concerns

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Keeping up appearances is another key component in becoming a gentleman. If you want to be healthy, fit and full of energy, then you’ll need to learn how to cook so that you can understand everything that goes into your food. You’ll be able to count the exact amount of calories and nutrition from every meal with a bit of experience and practice, meaning you can create healthy meals that are tailored towards your lifestyle. No more junk food, no more health issues!

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