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12 Reasons Why Your Next Car Should Be a Tesla Model 3

12 Reasons Why Your Next Car Should Be a Tesla Model 3
Image by Jteder from Pixabay

With electric-powered vehicles becoming the new standard for modern-day cars, you should consider investing in Tesla model 3. It has a range of 215 miles and supercharging features, so you do not have to worry about the car ‘dying’ on you on mid-trip. It is also an affordable, eco-friendly, and attractive addition to your cars. Read on for 12 more reasons why your next car should be a Tesla model 3.

1. Safety 

One of the most non-negotiable factors you should consider when buying a new car is safety. According to EuroNCAP, Tesla has a five-star safety rating, with the adult and children safety levels being 96% and 86%, respectively, making this vehicle one of the safest cars in the world. It also features a backup camera, superb visibility, automatic lane changing features, and auto-emergency, which enhance safety. 

2. It is eco-friendly

Being an electric car, Tesla Model 3 draws its energy to drive its wheels from a battery park run on electricity instead of mechanical engines powered by fuel. This means that it does not produce any gasses in the air in the exhaust, resulting in reduced environmental pollution and cleaner air.

3. It allows constant upgrading

One of the most significant reasons your next car should be a Tesla Model 3 is that it encourages the continued adoption of the latest technology. Whether you want to upgrade to heated and massaging car seats or add a new lighting or music system, Tesla Model 3 can allow any latest tech upgrades. If you are a music enthusiast, consider investing in XK Glow fiber optic products to turn your tesla into a cyber party mode.

4. Its understated aesthetic appeal

If you want to invest in a car that turns heads wherever you go or pack, you should purchase a Tesla model 3. It features a glass roof, nice swooping lines, and no grille openings, making it a sleek, pretty, and classy car you will want to see in your drive.

5. It has an autopilot feature

Tesla Model 3 can drive itself. It has autopilot hardware that enables it to brake automatically, steer, and accelerate within its lane. This can be beneficial primarily if you cover long miles, as the vehicle does most of the work, relieving you of the strain of driving. While you cannot turn the car on and nap, Tesla Model 3 makes commutes and road trips easier. Some of the car’s autopilot hardware features include:

  • Autopark both on perpendicular and parallel space
  • Auto lane change. It allows automatic lane changing when driving on a highway.
  • Stop sign and traffic light control: aided stops at traffic controlled intersections.
  • Summon: this allows your car to find you anywhere in a parking lot.

6. No gas stations

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Image by Qubes Pictures from Pixabay

If the smell in most gas stations often grosses you out, consider upgrading to a Tesla Model 3. This vehicle requires no petrol or diesel changes so that you can say goodbye to the unsightly appearance, low-quality lounges, odor, and endless trips to the gas station. 

7. More savings in the long run

While the initial purchasing cost of the Tesla Model 3 may be at the high end of your budget, it guarantees more savings in the long run. Although prices vary in different regions, electricity is cheaper than gas, for starters. Tesla estimates that you could realize around $4300 gas savings by owning Tesla Model 3.

Tesla Model 3 also lacks the many mechanical parts present in gas-powered engines, making them easier and cheaper to maintain. With a Tesla Model 3, the only liquid you have to worry about is the windshield wiper fluid, so there are no frequent visits to the garage for oil changes or servicing. 

Additionally, thanks to the car’s smart features, it can diagnose itself and alert you when something is wrong, allowing you to seek the necessary repair and maintenance services before the damage escalates into a severe problem.

8. Saves time

The Tesla Model 3 can be charged at your home, which means that you can have it charged overnight and wake up to a ready-to-use car instead of heading to a gas station to get fuel. You could also leave your car to charge while you spend time in a location, be it a restaurant, cinema, or gym, enabling you to save time.

9. Practicality

A Tesla Model 3 does not have an engine. All the machines that give the vehicle a thrust are placed at the four wheels. This means there is a trunk at the front of the car where a typical engine would be located, giving you more space for luggage and grocery. Even when you load the rear and the front trunks fully, your car will still run just fine. 

10. Quiet drive

If you are the kind of person who fancy’s driving in quiet, the Tesla Model 3 is the car for you. This car does not have a loud combustion engine, allowing you to enjoy a noise-free and comfortable driving experience. The Model 3 also eliminates the noise most petrol-powered vehicles release to the environment, providing a relaxed atmosphere for you and the public. 

You do not have to worry about accidentally falling asleep during a quiet drive in your Tesla Model 3, as the system will try waking you up with visuals and audio that only get louder until you are up.

11. Government incentives

Most states today are providing tax incentives to owners of electric vehicles. These incentives include tax exemptions and rebates, so you should invest in the Tesla 3 model to enjoy the state incentives.

12. Health benefits

Did you know that air pollution results in 7 million premature deaths every year? Tesla Model 3 limits exposure to harmful gasses such as lead and sulfur produced by petrol and diesel-powered cars. This prevents the contraction of dangerous diseases such as cancer, asthma, and heart diseases or premature deaths.


If you are thinking about upgrading to an electric car, consider looking into a Tesla Model 3 for the above reasons.

Featured Image by Jteder from Pixabay

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