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World of Warcraft Gold – How Important is the Currency

World of Warcraft Gold - How Important is the Currency
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Whether you’re new or old to the game, the in-game currency is an integral part of World of Warcraft. It grants access to items and features that can be used to maximize your experience. However, not all people have the same amount of time and money, so they may need to get WoW gold cheap and quickly.

Everything in World of Warcraft costs money. So even if you’re just a casual player, running out of gold can lead to many frustrations because you won’t be able to access the content you want to experience in the game.

Don’t worry! We’ve got your back here. You will be able to read everything you need to know about World of Warcraft gold and how to acquire it!

What is Gold Currency In WoW

That is a question asked mainly by the new players or people who have not played many massively multiplayer online games. Gold, like a currency, existed long before World of Warcraft.

In fact, during the ages, even with the first games that came out long ago, there was a form of currency. Sometimes it is coins, gold, silver, diamonds, cash, or other gems. But nowadays, the main form of in-game currency (not premium ones) is coins in general. As in our case with World of Warcraft, it is gold.

The currency itself exists as a driving factor for the player-driven economy of the MMO. It is necessary so that the gamers can perform all activities in the game – knowing that they will receive something in return for their actions which later can be exchanged for something they need.

In short, that is the driving factor that moves the economy – equivalent to the real money in our world. In the world of Azeroth, everything – almost everything can be bought with gold. The currency can be acquired in various ways and used in numerous cases.

Is Gold Important In Azeroth?

Assume you already know what gold is, then you probably guess that it is extremely important in the world of Azeroth. In fact, it is essential for every player out there who’s running around participating in raids. For those who have decided to explore – yep, simply, they need to cover the travel expenses. For example, even the craftsman as they need gold to get their batteries.

If that is not enough for you, we should move on to the primary player needs. Everyone knows that a severe player will need equipment, right? You need gold to buy it from the auction or a blacksmith, and you need the cash. After you get it, you will probably use it, and then what comes? Repairs – yes, you have to repair your equipment to recover its durability, so more gold.

Next, moving on to the skills, did you know you also need gold for that? Yes, you do, to learn any simple skill from something basic like a riding skill. Or, to level up your in-game profession level ( skills leveling up), all of that requires more gold.

These are only part of the examples of why gold is essential in World of Warcraft and why players need it. Keeping that in mind, it will be a good idea to find out the best ways to get some in-game currency!

How to Choose the Best Ways to Get Gold

There is no definite best way to get gold in the game. You can pick many options, and all of them can be based on different factors. What is best for you is strictly personal, as it depends on what you want to trade for the gold.

As you know, when you get something, most of the time you lose another thing. In the case of World of Warcraft, to get gold, you have to spend time, effort, knowledge, and money.

To decide on the best way for yourself to acquire gold. The first thing you have to do is find your character’s strong sides. For example, are you good at rides? If yes, you can offer your services to the guild in exchange for gold coins. Thus helping them get what they want (completing quest line) and, in exchange, get paid in-game currency.

The Best Ways To Get Gold

Another option is to use your World of Warcraft knowledge. Focus on completing quests, helping other players with their ones, and getting paid as rewards from the missions. Or get gold from the people whom you support.

There also exists the option where you simply grind on bosses, mobs, or other activities that can earn you gold. Now that one is not of the best options as it is time-consuming. But at the same time, it is one of the most straightforward ways to earn gold.

Use your character skills – the profession you have. You can be a herbalist, blacksmith, or anything similar where you can use what you produce to get gold from other players. Usually, some of the high-level professions are quite alluring when bringing you a gold income. You can sell expensive potions or high-level items to new players willing to play. That is an easy and promising way to earn the currency for anyone who loves doing their profession.

gold coins
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Another way of getting gold is selling what you get from bosses or raids. In fact, that is an option that some end-game players prefer as they often participate in such events. By doing so, they get items they need and will use, but some are irrelevant to them. If they get such things, they can be sold for a hefty sum in the auction house.

The last option, also one of the most popular and easy ones, is to buy the gold simply. Yep, we have talked many times about it, and it is bannable yet safe. Many players do it, as it saves them tons of time and is not expensive. In fact, with the current prices, it is probably better to get it that way, instead of spending hours on getting only a tiny amount of gold.


At the end of the day, World of Warcraft in-game currency – GOLD is one of the most treasured in the game. It is a must to have, as it is used for way too many in-game activities. Therefore, you should find the best way to earn gold in the game and cover your needs.

Hopefully, using our article, you got some insights on how to choose the best way of getting gold. As it is an intensely individual choice, we hope you make the best one! Thank you for reading and till the next one.

Featured Image by David Martín: Suki: from Balearic Island, Spain, via Wikimedia Commons