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Use of VPN in Online Casinos

Use of VPN in Online Casinos
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The creation and continued growth of the internet have brought many different improvements in our activities. Before all the connectedness, we needed to spend hours going to the supermarket to shop for groceries. Today the internet only demands a few minutes and clicks to have everything delivered at our front door. Decentralized cryptocurrencies have changed how we all look at banking and financial services. We can follow our favorite events from the comfort of our own homes and watch the latest movies and series without even needing to lift ourselves from the bed or couch. Even sports have been touched by the invisible hand of progress. We can follow any championship at any point directly from our computer or phone, and eSports are becoming more popular each passing day. Truly the internet has changed every aspect of our daily lives, and this is also true for gambling.

Online casinos have undergone a recent and unprecedented boost in popularity, thanks in no small part to the ongoing pandemic. While physical casinos are regulated and widely accepted, online gambling doesn’t follow this trend worldwide. Many countries outright forbid online gambling. One of the solutions veteran gamblers have found to circumvent this problem and keep on receiving their no deposit bonus is using VPN modifiers to access and gamble in casinos all over the internet. Here we will look at how a VPN works and what type of things you should know to use one effectively.

What Is A VPN?

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For short, a Virtual Private Network VPN is a program that allows users to extend a private network across a public network. This enables users to share and access information across public networks as if their device was connected to a private network. In simpler terms, a VPN allows users to extend their connections well beyond their usual range, thus allowing access to previously unavailable information. One of the most common uses for VPN programs in today’s world is for corporate networks. Companies worldwide create their private corporate networks, which allows them to manage remote access to the necessary data while maintaining security. Another big part of how a VPN works are encryption. To keep the information going both ways secure, many VPN systems use encryption protocols that keep the information secure from prying eyes, another reason for companies’ preference for VPNs.

VPN And Gambling

What does this have to do with online gambling? VPN software allows users to connect to public networks, usage of a VPN to connect to other countries’ public networks to play in online casinos is fairly common. Many countries heavily regulate or outright forbid online gambling. Spain has very heavy regulations placed on online casino operators. These operators are forbidden from giving welcome bonuses to their users. In many Asian countries, gambling is completely illegal. Also, online casinos have approved licenses only for some countries, so an online casino accessible from Canada may be impossible to access from Colombia. Accessing your favorite casino from anywhere in the world is a pretty big deal. Especially for veteran gamblers who want to enjoy different casinos or gamblers who are moving and don’t want to leave their favorite online venue behind.

Is It Legal?

The answer to this question is a bit more complicated than it seems. First off, many online casinos have very strict and specific rules about VPN usage. Some ban users from using VPNs on their websites. VPNs can mask and modify IP addresses, allowing users to abuse casino bonuses. Second, even if you can access a casino and gamble through a VPN, you still need to be in a country where online gambling is legal. If not, chances are you will lose any money you win or get into trouble with the law. Finally, even if your country allows online gambling and you can access the casino through a VPN, there is still the risk of not receiving your money. There is also the possibility of not being able to gamble in the casino with your credentials, as different countries have different gambling laws. Although using a VPN is not illegal in most countries, you have every right to use it as this is a private network. VPN gambling is another can of worms. If you want to gamble using a VPN, check the casino’s rules on VPN usage and your country’s gambling legislation.

Featured Image by Aidan Howe from Pixabay