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Social media hacking – Instagram videos download made easy

Social media hacking – Instagram videos download made easy
Photo by Ruca Souza from Pexels

Although Instagram, Facebook, and other social platforms provide their subscribers with a lot of freedom and opportunities, the developers still do everything possible so that people can share content only within a specific social network. In most cases, you won’t even be able to view other people’s content without creating an account and sharing your personal data, let alone sharing a post. If there is any photo or film you like and want to keep for further viewing, you may only do this with your account by clicking on the bookmark. Unfortunately, the saved posts are not available for offline viewing. However, there are ways to get around these restrictions.

Extracting videos and photos from anywhere

It takes only a few seconds to publish some information on a social network, it is much more difficult to remove it. No wonder they say that everything that is published on the Internet remains on the Internet. Let’s imagine the situation when you scroll through your feed on a social network and find some clip that you want to watch later or share with your friends who do not have an Instagram account. You can try forwarding a link to this file. But if it’s a private account, your friend is unlikely to be able to view it without creating an account. Good news! Instagram videos download is possible even without special hacking tricks and sophisticated software.

Toolzu developed a simple and accessible web service that can be used on any browser. Regardless of the operating system (Windows, Linux, or IOS), type of your electronic device (smartphone/tablet/PC on iPhone or Android) one may employ this function for Instagram video download.

You can save any Instagram content and enjoy it later when you don’t have internet or when you have poor Wi-Fi. If you like to watch entertaining videos on the road, just download IGTV clips for yourself, of any duration, to watch them at any time. A nice bonus is that when downloading the file’s quality does not change and is not compressed, you will receive it in the same format in which it was originally uploaded by the author.

Reasons to save Insta downloader to your bookmarks:

  • Free access, no registration required
  • Safe personal data, no need to provide phone and email
  • Secure download, the author will not be informed 
  • No limit on the number and size of the downloaded files
  • No restrictions on the content type (post, Stories, IGTV)
  • Original file quality, no compression

A simple intuitive web service for downloading files from Instagram opens up great opportunities for both ordinary users of the social network and professionals. If watching videos is just an opportunity for you to relax or learn something new, you can download any videos to your smartphone, tablet, or computer to watch them in your free time when you do not have high-speed Internet. For marketing experts, such a tool makes life easier because they can save any content, including user-generated content, in order to later use it for marketing purposes.

User-generated content is the king

Brands that build real communication with their audience use social platforms not just for advertising, but for a full-fledged exchange of thoughts. You can launch a challenge, an art contest, or ask your followers for advice. This way you will encourage them to actively express their opinion and ensure a greater degree of engagement on the page. By downloading the videos that your customers make and publishing them on your account, you can show that the company is really close to its customers. Business with a human face is a real trend of the last decade and it looks like this trend will continue in the near future.

Therefore, the use of modern services for downloading videos is more relevant for marketers than ever. If you are a regular user and you are afraid that someone will get access to your materials published in your account in this way, then there are two paths out of the situation. You can make your account private, restrict access to strangers, or just think twice before posting anything. We hope that this useful tool will only be useful for your professional and personal purposes.

Featured Photo by Ruca Souza from Pexels