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Ten Celebrities Who Are Exactly What Their Zodiac Sign Say

Celebrities are constantly under our microscope. Millions of followers closely follow their daily lives. Even though we know all the details and trivia about their lives, there are lots of other information about their personal lives that we do not know. One interesting idea is to check out the connection between their zodiac signs dates and their lifestyle. Here, are ten celebrities who are exactly what their zodiac signs say.

hollywood - Ten Celebrities Who Are Exactly What Their Zodiac Sign Say

1.    Aries, Lady Gaga–. Born on March 28, 1986

The three distinction traits of an Aries are confidence, courage and passion. Lady Gaga, the lady who can pull off any outfit at any given setting is a great example of a blooming Aries. Born in March 28, 1986 in New York, she is the epitome of Aries with her strong will and ambitious goals – Gaga is an innovator and a trendsetter. Starting from her “Born This Way Movement” to help HIV/AIDS patients, she stood beside people countless times, with the fire of her sign burning bright within her.

2.    Robin Williams, Cancer – Born July 21, 1951

Cancer is the most emotional of all the signs, and who better then Robin Williams to define the traits of a loving and caring Cancer. They are constantly searching for someone to help. They think with their hearts and listen to their instincts. Robin Williams is also known to contractually include employment of a certain amount of homeless people in every movie he made. He will be loved just like he loved others.

3.    Madonna Louise, LEO- born on August 16, 1958

Madonna, The Icon, was born in Michigan. She is the symbol of Leo with the leadership, ambitiousness and her go-getter attitude. With her strong features, she is as fearless as a lion. Leos are born fun and charismatic, and she gives charisma a new definition. With every performance, Madonna has given us something new!

4.    Miley Cyrus, SAGITTARIUS- born on November 23, 1992

Miley Cyrus showed us how it’s done. Sagittarius are said to handle ups and downs extremely well, and we all know how many of those came in her life! She reinvented herself and brought herself out of the child star phase successfully. Hardly any of us can remember how different Miley was just a few years back. She is impatient and intense, and knows how to handle anything and almost everything.

5.    Kanye West, Gemini – Born June 8, 1977

Geminis are known to know their way with words, are full of energy and ideas, and Kanye West is the first person who pops into mind when we think of a famous Gemini. Kanye West change faces like carnival masks and you never know which one he is going to show. He is not a by-stander but an active participant in society; he will not wait and watch from the sidewalk, rather he will choose to get involved.

6.    Hillary Clinton, Scorpio – October 26, 1947

Scorpios are hardworking and stubborn. Once they set their eyes on something, they won’t settle until they get it. They make their own destiny and Hillary Clinton seems to be the best example for this. Starting from her Ivy League education to the Senate, she has given shape to her dreams with her ambitious nature and her straight-head consistency.

7.    Taylor Swift, Sagittarius – December 13, 1989

This celebrity is generous, outgoing and loves to love! Taylor Swift’s tales of generosity is one quality which makes her the perfect Sagittarius. She was named the most generous celebrity in dosomething.org three years in a row. Staring from donating her album proceedings to NYC public schools to making one 12-year-old girl smile, she has done it all.

8.    Ellen Degeneres, Aquarius – January 26, 1958

Aquarius is known for their compassion and sensibility towards others. We all know Ellen through her amazing show which makes us cry and smile at the same time. For years she used “The Ellen Degeneres Show” to make the world a better place by engaging the mass to speak up for important social issues and giving back to others with kindness unparalleled. Ellen Degeneres has shown us how it’s done!

9.    Kurt Cobain, Pisces – February 20, 1967

As a water sign, Pisces are emotional and have a deep inner connection with their feelings. Pisces are born creatives with their brain working in an entirely different way. Kurt Cobain was one such Pisces who channeled his sensitivity into his involvement with music and reached the top. Sadly, Kurt became overwhelmed with life and decided to end his way in 1994, but his music never died.

10.    Beyoncé- VIRGO- Born on September 4, 1981

Beyoncé is known for her hard work and precision and so are Virgos! This queen is meticulous about everything and demands things to be perfect. Many might consider her as critical but only a few understand her mode of operation. Without consistency, reaching the top and staying there is not possible. But that does not seem to be a problem for Beyoncé!

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