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How to Prepare a Halloween Party

October is the month when you have to start thinking about Halloween that is going to happen on its last day. Of course, you wish to organize a party, and it is time for you to reflect about how exactly to do it. It is simultaneously an easy and tough thing to do: easy because the holiday is super popular and you have a variety of ways to do it; and tough because to make it good, you need to consider each and every detail. If you want to find out how to prepare a Halloween party decently, then keep on reading!

Decorate Your Place

This element is extremely important for the party – nothing creates a better atmosphere than a good decoration. Halloween party decorations will have to consist mainly of pumpkins, both fake and real, balloons, fake spiders and bats, and skeletons. Of course, if your imagination invents something more gimmicky, you are very welcome to do so, but the elements mentioned above are the base. Some people create the whole graveyards out of their garages and terraces so that the house looks scary from the distance of 500 meters.

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Prepare the Treats

It depends on your budget and abilities to cook, but you have to prepare the Halloween treats. It can be simple candies in a bowl or the real menu with dishes reminding scary faces and ghosts. What we advise you is the following Halloween party food: 1. mandarins with little green sticks reminding pumpkins; 2. Bananas with chocolate drops reminding ghosts; 3. eggs with olives reminding spiders; 4. punch with dry ice making the ghost effect. The most important thing is that the treats have to be in harmony with decorations: if you cook potatoes with meat, it will not add to the overall atmosphere.

Prepare a Music Mix

Yes, the background needs to be filled with something, namely the music. It can be any good music that you yourself listen to but what we advise is find the typical creepy music. Are you aware that many famous bands have Halloween songs? For example, Marilyn Manson has a song “This Is Halloween,” The Cranberries have “Zombie,” Michael Jackson has “Thriller” – google, and you will find lots of amazing creepy music that will create an amazing atmosphere.

Halloween Games

If you wish to occupy your guests with something and make sure they are not bored, prepare some games for them. It can be pumpkin twister – the classic game with the pumpkins instead of ordinary circles. An amazing traditional Halloween game is apple bobbing: one has to catch the apple from the water without using hands. The game is super fun, and the kids love it, however, if the adults are in the mood (and they have to be on the night), they will enjoy it as well.

Play Scary Movies

This is another one of the Halloween party ideas that is needed for the background. Here, you have such an amazing and big choice because the amount of good scary movies is just huge! It is better if you have a big screen for that, but in the worst case scenario, you can use the laptop and put it in the middle of the room. When guests only arrive and feel a bit uncomfortable in the apartment, they can watch the movie. In the Blue Birdie essay team we can suggest either “It” by Andy Muschietti, or “Halloween” by John Carpenter, or “Scream” by Wesley Earl Craven.

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Hold a Costume Contest

This part is the most important one – you have to define whose costume was the best. The point of creating the party was not only the party itself, right? People who gather are important! The creativity that they put into making the scariest costume is important! You, as a holder of the party, can be a judge or you can even vote. The winner can get the big package of candies or whatever you want to give him/her. This contest will be fun even if there are only five of you in the party. Enjoy!

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