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Packing it: A Stag’s Essential Checklist

I have had the lucky chance to be the bestman to three of my mates. I can blab all day about what an honor it is but we all know what you really want to know about are the stag parties and what happens. I can tell you this, as much fun as they can be, they can just as easily be a disaster. Being the best man, you have the task of throwing the sickest stag do to make sure your mate crosses safely to the other side.

If you are stuck with yours, here is a checklist that can help oil the wheels of fun. First, you need to know who is coming. After having such information, you can be able to tell how far you can push the limits. Personally, if there are some party poopers, I prefer leaving them out. The last thing I want is someone killing the fun.

Spice up this important boy's night!
Spice up this important boy’s night!

After you know the who, then you have to figure out the what. Personally, I would scour through the internet for great stag activities, dares and forfeits. Any great stag party has to be filled with activities that will make it one for the books. Remember that you have to make sure that the venue you choose will be able to support these activities less the landlord or the police stomp the party and include a night in jail part of your memories.

My personal favorite, the stag party costumes! It’s the last time you will be hanging out as the guys so it is the perfect time to make an embarrassment out of each other. Pick an embarrassing outfit that is bound to crack some ribs. If not, pick something from Halloween and have some fun with it. It works just as well. It might be a great idea to be the first in a costume and have the others wear theirs as part of a dare.

Since money is a sticky issue, I saved it for last. The cost of a stag party is important to know. It is a good idea to let the other attendees know of any costs up front and if they can, they should make early payments. However, you could also decide to be the best best man in the history of bestmen and take one for the team and foot all the costs yourself.