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Essential Men’s Fashion Accessories

Photo by Quinn Buffing on Unsplash

An often under-appreciated aspect of male fashion is the power of the accessory to really make a statement. Yes, there is the overall look, colour scheme, and thematic elements which will determine the style a man has chosen to don. Yet, small though they usually may be, the devil is in the details and accessories have the ability to make or break a certain appearance. They can either tie everything together, or look downright silly as they come off as awkward and out of place.

With this in mind, here are some tips about how to achieve the former with some killer accessory advice.



Beanies are perfect for cool to cold weather. There are tons of great options and styles to customize with your overall gear. If you are into more minimalist color schemes and designs, Neverland Store carries Icon Brand Two Tone Navy/Burgundy beanie might be perfect for you. Alternatively, if you are more the sporty type, show your team loyalties with NBA branded gear, like the Mitchell & Ness NBA branded gear, including the Houston Rockets pictured above). With tons more styles to choose from during the autumn to spring months, whether you wear it loose fitting or snug, beanies are a great way to mix it up.




Few items make more of a manly statement than a watch. Watches are not only useful timepieces – an element that has perhaps been forgotten, what with the advent of the mobile phone – but look the part, as well. In fact, you could argue that few fashionable elements as subtle as the watch really tie it all together as well. One piece that is especially sleek is the Skagen Limited Edition Ancher Mono Men’s Watch. Elegant in its simplicity, watches such as these can fit with almost any wardrobe and are the mark of a savvy dresser.




If you have not yet received the memo, backpacks are in. From basketball star turned fashioned icon Kevin Durant sporting them at as his press conferences, to an explosion of different ergonomic forms factors and styles in the past half-decade, backpacks have come a long way from the days of your old man’s knapsack. Indeed, bags such as the Mi-Pac All Stars Backpack Navy shows how to equip functionality with some serious design props. The color theme is pleasing to the eye, while the busy white stars on the blue background are mesmerizing. The faux suede bottom rounds out the fashion accessory that is sure to be the envy of your friends.




Good for any time of the year, sunglasses are a classic that, while what is en vogue goes through different, sometimes radical iterations (just like anything else really), we just cannot quit. These are not quite rose tinted glasses, but the Festival Sunglasses known as the X-Ray Wayfarer Sunglasses will have you feeling groovy thanks to the neon-orange tinted lenses. While the style hearkens back to a classic Ray-Ban appeal, these glasses are protected from UV rays, rated at 400 protection. Protect your face from the sun and its light, and look good doing it.

Accessorize Yourself

Men, go forth boldly in a world of new, experimental styles knowing one thing: the quickest way to stand out in a world of ‘me too’ fashion trends is to hit the nail on the head with your choice of accessories. Keep it cohesive, and have fun expressing yourself with the little things in life.