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The Most Important Thing To Take Home From Your Travels

Travelling has always been one of my passions and I’m happy that lately, there is a boom in this industry with people of all ages. What was once a challenge only accepted by those that dared to go after adventure, is now something that everyone pursues and enjoys.

After travelling for so many years, you get to build your list of tips and lessons to aid you in the future. People think that the most important thing in travelling is to make sure you pack the things that you would need. In my opinion, however, the most important part in travelling is making sure that you bring something home.

What I’m referring to are memories. Travel is only as fun and fulfilling if you permit it to be filled with great experiences. But let’s be honest. One day our memory will fail us and it’ll be such a waste if all our great experiences were never captured. That time you went to Uzbekistan? Yes, few people have gone but hopefully you got plenty of photos to show someplace less visited.

This is why it’s quite handy to invest in a camera. You can go with the DSLRs provided by a lot of different brands that offer different aesthetics and features. At present, I now use a camera from the Fuji X series. As long as you have a camera, you’re good to go in your travels and here’s a list of why…

  • To visually share your experience with people back home.
  • To capture a frame what you saw on any given day.
  • To immortalise the people that you meet along the way.
  • To remember the crazy things that you did on your trip.
  • To have photos accompany your blog posts (if you own a travel blog).
  • To help you keep the memory alive as you go through these pictures even when you go back home, get back to your everyday life, and grow old.

Travelling is best enjoyed in the present, but I say pictures help you enjoy them even when the trip is over. It is such an enriching thing to do, to constantly wander. Do so with the goal of keeping them alive always.