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Latest Box Office News

Latest Box Office News
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The box office is the total amount of tickets sold to a movie. This can be broken down into both the average and total gross. The latest box office news shows what movies recently made their money back, how much they made in their theater release weekend, and what movies are getting most of their revenue from international markets (i.e., China). The truth is that this list is subjective because so many factors go into whether a movie will make it big or not, but for the most part, this provides an overview of which films have been going over well at theaters.

Today, we talk about the latest box office news and trends you need to know to stay on top of all things film-related. So please sit back and get ready for a total dose of exciting topics like the latest Hollywood blockbusters, what they have to say about our current pop culture landscape and some behind-the-scenes information from your favorite movies.

Black Panther, The Wakanda Forever, Is Eyeing The Second-Highest Opening Of 2022

With its record-breaking debut of $187.4M in May, Black Panther is now poised to become the first superhero movie ever to gross more than $1 billion at the box office. It’s also looking at setting a new benchmark opening with an estimated $200 million domestically.

The movie has been a sensation since it hit theaters nearly two years ago, with audiences flocking to see the highly anticipated live-action adaptation of Marvel Comics’ most famous character. Having such a massive opening weekend, it looks like Black Panther could be headed toward becoming one of the highest-grossing films of all time. This will make it the second-highest domestic opener of 2022.

The Black Adam Taking Lot Of Edits And Avoiding The R Rating

The DC Extended Universe (DCEU) is taking a lot of heat lately over their continued attempts to avoid an R rating which would open them up to a broader audience. But according to insiders, Black Adam is getting a ton of edits before it is released this year.

According to ComicBook.com, the DCEU version of Shazam! Star Zachary Levi’s Black Adam character was supposed to be rated PG-13 by Warner Brothers, but he had to go through many changes before the final cut was approved. According to sources, so many cuts were made to the script, making it harder to pass the test. While the studio wanted him to be seen as a bad guy, sources say his motivations are much different. According to movie news, Black Adam’s was expected to have an opening of about $60M-$62M +$20M previews, possibly pushing past $100M+ total, but the PG-13 reworking has put a damper on those numbers. The source says, “This version of Black Adam…is not anti-hero or villain. He’s actually a good guy who wants to save the world from evil. If you look closely and read between the lines, this version of Black Adam is actually kind of heroic.”

This is not the first time a PG-13 rating has hindered a potential blockbuster. Last summer, Fox delayed the release date of Deadpool 2 because of concerns over whether or not it could pass the MPAA’s test. Although Deadpool passed, the movie ultimately failed to do as well as it should have during its debut week. Black Adam has Amassed $14M in its two days overseas with a strong start. So far, critics haven’t exactly given it positive reviews saying it fell short in almost every category.

Dwayne Johnson Said He is Confident On The Direction Of The DC Universe

Another big name for the upcoming DC Universe original series Titans is Dwayne Johnson. At the Television Critics Association press tour, Warner Bros Discovery’s film division announced that he’d play Dick Grayson/Robin, aka Nightwing, and will also produce alongside Greg Berlanti. Johnson said, “I’m very excited about being a part of the DC Universe.” “I think the universe itself is an amazing space to explore … I grew up watching cartoons, and comic books; I always knew I wanted to be a superhero. To be able to get a chance to work with some of the greatest creatives in our business is just incredible.”

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Dwayne Johnson Intending To Make Black Adam-Superman Crossover Film

With the success of Shazam, which stars Dwayne Johnson, director David F. Sandberg wants to bring another big superhero team together for a crossover film. According to Variety, the filmmaker told them, “We’re talking about bringing back Black Adam into the Superman family. We would love to see that happen.” While we don’t know if this will ever come to fruition, we do know that many people want this to happen. Especially since Shazam did quite well financially. It was one of the best-reviewed films of 2019, boasting a 94% fresh score on Rotten Tomatoes.

Box Office Needs A Hero Black Adam Raging To Over $135M Worldwide On Its Opening.

In an interview with Vanity Fair, Shazam!, its producer, explained why they decided to cast Dwayne Johnson instead of Will Smith for the role of Black Adam. The producer explained, “Will is such a great actor. But I felt we needed someone who could deliver when he’s got to be emotional. I thought Dwayne could give us that.” And while those comments seemed to suggest that they didn’t want to use Will Smith due to a contractual obligation, there appears to be more going on behind the scenes.

In conclusion, people need something to root for and believe in. When you look at the movies that have been released thus far, they all have heroes. There is no real reason for the lack of heroes. Even though some of these heroes may not be perfect, they try their hardest to do the right thing. They stand for justice, honor, and truth.

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