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Tips To Create Custom T-Shirt Store For Men

Custom T-Shirt
Photo by Carlos Román Ruíz Basulto on Unsplash

Tips To Create Custom T-Shirt Store For Men

User-centered design is one of the mainstays of good website design. Creating online shops that consider your user’s preferences will improve your site’s instances of success. A study from Penn University titled “Men Buy, Women Shop” found that men and women have different shopping behaviors, and designing your custom men’s t-shirt store in a way that caters to their styles. The following tips may be useful in forming an audience for your t-shirts and making more sales:  

Custom T-Shirt
Photo by Carlos Román Ruíz Basulto on Unsplash

Streamline your Design

Men are more likely to use your t-shirt website to help them find the exact design they’re looking for. Also, men love to buy and wear custom printed t shirts in bulk as it shows their personality and taste in fashion. It’s important to eliminate unnecessary text and instead use bullet points and headlines to promote your t-shirts. 

Designing your site in a way that makes the task of buying a t-shirt as easy as possible. Making checkout simple, integrating with different payment gateways that make purchases easiest, and providing fast shipping, no matter the cost will help your t-shirt store grow in popularity with your male consumers. 

Use Web Design Elements Men Like

The colors your website chooses can attract more attention from particular sexes. Men typically prefer sites with fewer colors. Men tend to prefer colors like blue, green, and black, but each color’s shade has varying effects for men and women. Men also respond well to the following website design aesthetics:

  • One in twelve men are color blind
  • Men are attracted to interactive multi-dimensional animations instead of static ones
  • Men prefer colors with stronger hues and saturation
  • Men are more responsive to straight horizontal lines across a page and sharp edges
  • If you’re planning to start a business or open your own custom t-shirt shop, you can start creating and selling custom printed products where you can bring your designs to life and offer a wide range of customized t-shirts and other products to your customers.

Sale T-Shirts Designed for Men

The following t-shirt characteristics will help your custom store sell more items to men:

Neutral Colors

Men often choose neutral colors like black, navy, white, and gray when electing a t-shirt color because they work well in tandem with something else or own their own.Additionally, some men may prefer to buy bulk black t-shirts because black is a classic color that never goes out of style. It is a safe choice that always looks sleek and sophisticated.

T-Shirts in Color

Bold primary colors work well for men but t-shirt designs. Men normally would choose a red t-shirt instead of a pastel, but it’s not set in stone. 

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Neck Types

Having a crew neck and v-neck option will help your t-shirts appeal to men of all sizes. Men prefer classics and subtle design enhancements, so don’t overcomplicate the neck design. 

Light Fabrics

Men enjoy wearing t-shirts that are light and comfortable. A t-shirt that feels light fits well, and is durable will help your custom shop attract return customers. 

T-Shirt Fit

Men are built differently, and therefore your online t-shirt business needs to sell products that accentuate the male physique. Designing shirts that show off the following areas of the body could make your custom t-shirt store more appealing to men:

  • Chest: Men with nice pectoral muscles like shirts that breathe in the chest area and taper down the midsection. 
  • Arms: Designing sleeves that end around the middle of the bicep will be ideal for male customers interested in showing off their guns. 

Understand Men’s Purchasing Characteristics

Men are more than likely to purchase items in bulk from the same brand when necessary. That’s why t-shirt designers who can make affordable quality products have appeal to male consumers. Men are more likely to wear their t-shirts longer; therefore, designing products that can maintain their shape and quality after a few washes will attract male customers. Men are more willing to pay steeper costs for t-shirts they feel will withstand the tests of time.