Home Entertainment Bonus Hunting: Easy Money or Slippery Slope?

Bonus Hunting: Easy Money or Slippery Slope?

Bonus Hunting: Easy Money or Slippery Slope?
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Bonus hunting is carried out by experienced gamblers and some beginners who find and use bonuses at online casinos. Novice players naively believe that this is a simple and effective way to make a profit. This is because online casinos compete with each other, offering solid rewards and bonuses to new and existing gamblers. The most common bonuses provided by casinos are the following:

  • registration bonuses;
  • extra money for the first and subsequent deposits;
  • VIP status rewards;
  • rewards for victories in tournaments;
  • gift on the player’s birthday;
  • special deals on holidays, significant events;
  • personal offers, promotions.

It is worth noting that at the beginning of the casino online industry development, it was really possible to easily and quickly acquire a mass of attractive bonuses, fulfill the wagering conditions and withdraw funds to the card. However, over time, the owners of gambling platforms began to notice the active actions of users in this direction and change the requirements for wagering and cashout. Ten years ago, the average wager was x25, and this was the norm. Today, the standard wagering requirement is x40 and more. You can also check bonus buy slots here to find out more about casino perks.

Methods of Bonus Hunting

With the development and improvement of security measures for online casinos, players are also developing new ways to receive bonuses for free and improve the old well-known strategies. First, however, it is worth considering the main ones that are used more actively:

Mathematical analysis

For example, you have received a $200 bonus with an x20 wager and decided to play it in Blackjack, where the advantage of the online casino is 0.5%. If we assume that you will lose this 0.5% with each bet, the formula will look like this: 100 – (20×0.5) = 90%. This is the part from the bonus you will be able to withdraw in case of a win.

Social engineering

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This is an illegal method of bonus hunting. It assumes having multiple accounts using someone’s documents. Since reputable establishments require a thorough verification of documents, the hunter needs to verify his identity to withdraw money. Such a player uses someone’s ID to verify the owner of the profile. Despite all the risks of violating the law, this method is periodically used on the Internet.

Referral programs

This is a common practice for resources that want to attract as many visitors as possible. This is a legal way to earn premium bonuses and real money. If you show a desire to become a referral and contact the casino administration, you are given a personal link by which you can invite other gamblers to the site. Then, a certain percentage from their replenishment or rates is paid in cash or bonuses to the referral.

In Conclusion

You can find a lot of offers on the Internet to train you in bonus hunting techniques. In pursuit of easy money, newcomers spend money in the hope of winning them back in their future activities. Be very careful with them and avoid dubious offers – there is no second chance to fix a spoiled reputation.

Featured Image by Wolfgang Eckert from Pixabay