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These 5 Jobs are Offered as Online Degrees

These 5 Jobs are Offered as Online Degrees
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As a high school graduate, one of the best ways to grow your income is by getting a degree. The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that degree holders earn about $600 more than high school graduates every week. 

For an individual that cannot afford to stop working to attend a conventional school, online degrees come to the rescue. Online degrees are web-based degrees that you can obtain right from the corner of your home or workplace. In addition, lectures, study materials, payment, and assessment, are fully web-based. 

Online educational institutions operate just like conventional universities. Learners interact with their lecturers and other students, get study materials to prepare for examinations and receive lectures. 

Individuals who want to get a degree but don’t have the time to attend a conventional university can take the opportunity that online degrees offer by registering for any of our courses at the Ultimate Medical Academy. 

According to statistics, over six million Americans were learning from home in 2018. These people were able to take advantage of the comfort of online degrees. They didn’t have to go through the physical and financial strain of commuting to school or moving to a different neighborhood. These days, people do everything online. 

CEOs of big corporations conduct million-dollar deals across the ocean without leaving their homes or offices. People shop for clothes, food, and other essential goods right from the corner of their homes. It would help if you took advantage of these goodies, too, by getting an online degree. Here are five jobs that are offered as online degrees 

Medical Office Billing Specialist 

A medical office billing specialist is in charge of filing, monitoring, and ensuring the payment of medical insurance claims in healthcare organizations. Medical office billing specialists work in healthcare organizations as well as insurance companies. 

The importance of the duties makes it so that they would remain relevant for decades. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the demand for medical billing specialist positions will increase by more than ten percent in the coming years. Medical billing specialists earn between $27,000 and $54,000 per year. 

You can become a medical billing specialist right from the comfort of your home in just eighteen months. The training will help you secure an entry-level job in the healthcare industry. 

Pharmacy Technician 

Pharmacy technicians work in pharmacies. They work under the supervision of pharmacists to receive and fill prescriptions, take inventories of available medicine, and complete patients’ paperwork relating to their medications. 

Pharmacy technicians are prominent members of pharmacies and healthcare organizations. They facilitate the operation of medical and surgical interventions to help patients battle ailments and diseases. 

The BLS estimates that the growth rate of this profession is above average. Another great thing is that you can train to become a pharm tech without leaving the comfort of your home. 

Medical Administrative Assistant 

Medical administrative assistants help physicians during physical examinations; they take patients’ histories and keep track of patients’ records, amongst other fascinating duties. In all healthcare organizations, medical administrative assistants are always at the forefront, ready to spring into action at all times. 

administrative assistant
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Their challenging but rewarding jobs ensure their lives are far removed from boredom or monotony. Becoming a medical administrative assistant is a great way to be involved in the medical field. What’s more? You can do it right from the corner of your home. As a medical assistant, you can work in different healthcare settings, whether big or small. 

It is also a very progressive position. You will be working alongside professionals such as surgeons, gynecologists, and oncologists, giving room for more personal, academic, and career growth. 

Healthcare Accountant 

Medical accounting
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If the exciting world of figures and computations appeals to you, a career as a healthcare accountant might be perfect for you. Healthcare accountants are responsible for keeping track of the financial activities of healthcare organizations. They prepare financial reports and keep track of financial transactions to ensure the smooth running of activities. If you are good with numbers, you can opt for this 100% web-based training to kick-start a fulfilling career in the healthcare industry. This position also comes with a lot of growth opportunities as well as a very lucrative salary. 

Medical Coding Specialist 

The American Association of Professional Coders estimates a twenty-two percent increase in the demand for medical coders in the next eight years. According to this estimate, over fifteen million positions for professional coders will be available in the coming years. 

This lucrative and progressive profession involves translating medical diagnoses, supplies, and procedures into standard codes. Medical coders facilitate medical studies, allocation of resources, and payment of insurance claims to healthcare providers. You can obtain an associate degree in Medical Coding in just eighteen months, right from anywhere, you choose. It is convenient, easy, and quick. 


All these degrees are available at the Ultimate Medical Academy. Their associate degree programs help you begin the process of getting healthcare certifications online in a supportive environment. So get ready for an entry-level job in eighteen months and start living the life you truly deserve. 

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