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A Gentleman’s Guide to Casino Success and Etiquette

A Gentleman’s Guide to Casino Success and Etiquette
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There’s not a man alive that would turn down some easy money. But when it does come knocking, you don’t need to compromise your values or good etiquette to get it. So roll up your sleeves, take a deep breath and remain both in control and a step ahead is what it’s all about.

Online gambling has obviously become an overnight behemoth, and contrary to misbelief, it can be a money-spinner without becoming degrading. For example, at an online casino in Canada, real money can be won right here, and you don’t have to be un-gentlemanly while doing it. 

We’ve put together a few tricks and tips to get a little extra pocket money coming your way while still staying true to yourself because gambling and chivalry are not mutually exclusive.

Politeness doesn’t require an identity

Having spent some time in the industry and with a partner that still is, it’s all too common to lose one’s head when things don’t go your way. There’s nothing uncouth about it, and it is, in fact, completely natural. But how you react to that negativity is on you and has a significant influence on your gaming. It’s a golden rule of gambling to stop playing if you feel the anger rising, as you most likely will end up making a foolish decision that is likely to make you lose your money. 

It’s also recommended to take a second to calm yourself down before contacting customer support. Most people find it harder to be rude to people in person. But online, it’s easy to lose your cool. The anonymity involved in the online world shouldn’t mean you lower your standards of etiquette and will be detrimental to you as a player. Likewise, being inconsiderate and angry towards the employee on the other end of your live chat is beneath you, or at least it should be. Instead, show complete respect to someone who is just doing their job, and we guarantee you will find just reward.

It’s important to keep in mind that customer support representatives are ordinary people, just like you and me. Of course, like any worker in any profession, some representatives are better than others. But you should always keep your cool regardless of which person you meet. Remember, there is a real person on the other end, and that person is only doing their job and has nothing to do with the company’s policies. 

There is so much that a person can do to help you with your problem from someone in the know. Even it means going above and beyond their job expectation. But they will never go the extra mile for someone who looks down their nose and treats them badly.

Elbows off the table

You wouldn’t do it at a restaurant, so why lower yourself at the games table? Etiquette in casinos is just as valued as in a Michelin starred restaurant and will be reverberated with plenty of respect. The most important include:

  • The dealer is God. They don’t influence the game, want you to lose or deserve any negativity. They’re just doing their job in customer service, so instead, reward them. A nice tip goes a long way. But never ask for advice. Like Switzerland, they are neutral.
  • Watch your language. There will be drinking, loud music, a good buzz. But it’s not a bar, so keep your toilet chat to the men’s room.
  • Dress accordingly unless you’re playing online when your pajamas are just fine as is.
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  • Don’t touch unless you’re told. This goes for any cards that are face up and also for your chips. The dealer is in charge. They will guide you if you’re unsure, so just be a gentleman and hang back a little until direction comes.
  • It’s not the place to find a new date. Sure, a little flirting can be harmless, but it’s not suitable at the games table, and especially not with the dealer. Remember, they are there to do a job, and most likely, they’re tired of men constantly hitting on them. Unless the dealer flirts with you first, don’t be one of those guys! Use good etiquette!

You can find a little more information about it here.

Know the game

Best online casinos will often have free versions or demos available if you’re a beginner. It’s the ideal way to iron out your creases before hitting the main stage. But, of course, you can never know the game enough, so just don’t rush. 

With most casino games, the house edge is small but is always there. Therefore, you will lose more than you win throughout your life, so when you do see that chance to win, don’t blow it. Stay focused, hydrated, and avoid distractions once you feel confident about hitting the big boy’s table. No matter how small, every mistake you make is costing you money, so limit them by all costs.

Also, it’s not just about knowing how to play the game as it is knowing when to play. By that, we mean the odds. Different tables can have varying odds and rules, especially in blackjack and roulette, so know what the rules of your game are before you commit. 

These may not seem like much of an advantage but take it from people who know; it’s all about the little things: that and a little hint of etiquette, which always goes a long way. 

From walking the walk to talking the talk, winning online or in a casino doesn’t have to be at the expense of your morals or etiquette. Don’t fret. We’ll see you right.

Featured Image by englishlikeanative from Pixabay

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