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5 Tips for Texting a Guy You Like

In the digital age, we spend most of our time on our phones. When we find someone we like, it’s natural to want to talk to them as much as possible. However, you can’t just give them a call or show up at their house as you could in the past. Now, you send a text and wait for them to respond. You may text the person you like all the time, but they aren’t responding how you want or at all. What are you doing wrong? You might not be following the proper texting etiquette. We compiled a list of the top tips to get him or her texting back. We will even include sample texts you can send and guaranteed; these texts will get him thinking about you all day.

How to Get Him to Want to Text You Back

1. Make a Joke

Guys want to text someone they feel is genuine. When you share a joke or ‘inside’ joke, it makes you seem more real. You want him to feel happy and excited when texting you. If you keep the laughs rolling in, he’ll never want to leave the conversation! You might think to yourself, “I’m not that funny or witty. What can I say?” Don’t stress out.

You can send him memes you know he might like or you find funny. If you aren’t exactly sure what he’d like, you can text him this, “I’m having a rough night. Can you tell me a joke or send me some memes?” Alternatively, you can tell him about some funny stories from your past, maybe include an embarrassing moment, and ask for the same.

2. Make Him Chase You

Now, you might think to yourself, “Why would I play hard to get when I clearly like him?” Men love the thrill of the chase. When you give yourself to a man freely, he might question your integrity. It might make him think you have low standards and go with the first guy you see or that you don’t have much to offer. Either way, he will get bored and lose interest in you. Keep in mind that not all men are the same. You might have some guys who are put off by your interest, but others might appreciate it. If you do try this method, don’t lie or manipulate him.

A few tips to follow:

• Don’t always text back immediately.

• Don’t cancel your plans when you’re busy if he asks if you’re available.

• Have him talk about himself more before you agree to go on a date.

When you’re busy, and he wants to chat, don’t be afraid to text him, “Hey! Sorry, I’m busy and can’t talk right now. Maybe later?”

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3. Keep the Texts Light and Fun

You may really like this guy and want to know his whole life story. However, you want to avoid texting anything emotionally heavy. Why? Texts don’t display emotion, and this might cause a misunderstanding. While it’s in our nature to find out if the person we’re talking to is compatible with our values, you should save that for face-to-face conversations. Besides, you don’t want to constantly talk about sad topics or subjects too serious to discuss. That will only burn the both of you out before you even get to the ‘Honeymoon Stage.’ Avoid discussing topics like religion, politics, past relationships, and family drama.

4. Don’t Text Longer Than Necessary

When you’re new to the world of online dating, you might have reservations about meeting someone you don’t know in person. We get it; it’s scary. However, reframe it. Think of all the texts as a way to meet him. Don’t text someone for months on end before you agree to meet with them. Chances are the guy will lose interest if you keep stringing him along with the promise of meeting him. You can text him some hints on what you’d like to do or where you’d feel comfortable meeting him. For example, you can text a guy, “I’ve always wanted to try that restaurant/bar!” Or, “I’ve been wanting to see that movie/go to that museum!” This will give him ideas about what you like and are comfortable with too.

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