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5 Innovative Gadgets for the Elderly

5 Innovative Gadgets for the Elderly
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As always, technology just keeps growing and developing. It is sometimes difficult for the elderly to keep up with new gadgets. But it is precisely for this target group that many handy gadgets on the market can help the elderly live independently and make daily activities easy without needing help from anyone. This article has highlighted five gadgets that can be very useful for the elderly.

1. Tablets

What is unique about tablets is that they contain the same technology available in smartphones, but they are larger, allowing the elderly to use them without glasses. In addition, the process of zooming in/ out images and fonts is done easily. The learning curve for tablets is very fast, and these tablets can be used without having to read the instructions or follow the catalog. Moreover, the tablets can provide hours of entertainment for the elderly as Arab online casinos can also be played on them. In addition, tablets can offer video calls, social media browsing, WhatsApp text and voice messages, and other useful services for the elderly.

2. Digital Door Spy

Unfortunately, the elderly are relatively often victims of criminals. The newspapers are full of this kind of news: someone tries to get into an elderly lady or gentleman with a chat trick, often also in (fake) uniform, and his target is the valuables, jewelry, cash, and even the expensive medicines!

The digital door spy can be a solution for this. The resident can see who is at the door via a camera. There are also door closers equipped with a speech-listening connection so that the elderly can first ask about the reason for visiting before opening the door. This makes it a lot more difficult for someone with evil intentions to enter and makes the resident feel safer. The door spy with recording function is also a handy reference for carers of forgetful or demented seniors to check who has visited.

3. Robot Vacuum Cleaner

One of the main reasons the elderly can no longer live independently in the household. For many elderly, this is a lot of effort. Light work, such as getting a duster through the house, can often still be done, but heavy work, such as vacuuming, is more complicated. Fortunately, there is now a solution, namely the robot vacuum cleaner. It just needs to be turned on, and it vacuums the entire room. Advanced robotic vacuum cleaners can even be programmed with a timer. If desired, the robot vacuum cleaner will start working at set times, and a vacuum cleaning session will never be forgotten.

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Even for homemakers and singles, this machine can be very useful. This machine is easy to use and operates without using hands, which reduces the risk of friction and heat exposure. In addition, unlike other vacuum cleaners, the maintenance of vacuum cleaners is very low. It saves time and energy, can be connected to a Wi-Fi connection, work in narrow spaces, and is beset with virtual limits.

4. Smart Thermostat

A smart thermostat automates the heating in the house. The thermostat can adjust the heating to the living pattern of the residents. It can be set so that the heating is always at the correct temperature; for example, a family member or domestic help can do this. In this way, the resident no longer needs to look at the heating, and it is always at the right temperature.

5. Obli hydration system

Another common reason older people are no longer able to live independently is that they are less able to take care of themselves. For example, many elderly people drink too little, and caregivers are needed to point this out several times a day. Too little fluid can lead to constipation, cystitis, dehydration, and other annoying ailments. A solution for this is the Obli hydration system. This simple system keeps track of the user’s drinking behavior and indicates when to drink again. The data on drinking behavior can be made visible online to watch informal carers. If necessary, they can adjust the drinking behavior of the parent according to the doctor’s instructions.

6. Alecto Rechargeable Flashlight

Most older people need to go to the toilet once or a few times during the night. The search for the light switch can then be experienced as annoying, leading to fatal injuries. A handy gadget that can help with this is the Alecto rechargeable flashlight. This flashlight comes in a rechargeable holder that can be plugged into the socket. For example, the flashlight can be hung in the hallway to the bathroom and then provides orientation lighting. Another handy advantage is that the lamp switches on automatically when the power goes out. With the Alecto rechargeable flashlight, there is always lighting available.


Living alone for as long as possible is worth many older adults. Elderly people often experience living in a care home as a limitation in their freedom and independence. These relatively simple gadgets can be an important addition to the enjoyment of life for the elderly.

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