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How A Dad’s Healthy Diet Can Impact Their Kids

How A Dad’s Healthy Diet Can Impact Their Kids
Image by Luda Kot from Pixabay

We all tend to think we have a better understanding of our health than we do. The old saying “our body is a temple” is something we all understand but never seem to embrace truth. Today more than ever, men are facing issues like heart health, obesity, and depression.  

The epidemic of declining health has been on the rise for quite some time. With the increase in hyper-productivity culture, combined with a fast food restaurant on every corner, it becomes the most time and energy-saving option to stop for a burger and then go home and make a salad.  

Eating out is becoming part of the weekly routine – especially for busy families.  

When you’re a parent, you aren’t just worrying about yourself. You are worried about yourself, work, your kids, school, extracurriculars – the list goes on. The point is it’s a lot harder to give yourself the best care possible when you have so much on your plate.  

When you are living such a jam-packed lifestyle, it can be hard to stop and make some meals that are healthy for you and your kids and make sure everyone is getting their needed time for exercise.  

Forming healthy habits for your kids can set them up for a lifetime of success. By improving your diet even the slightest bit, you face improvements in your heart and respiratory health, strengthen your immune system, and improve your mental health and ability. 

Most importantly, forming these healthy diet habits sets you up for a long and healthy life, allowing you to be there for all your kids’ milestones – the biggest wish a parent could have.  

Kids, too, are facing many health concerns. With over 340,000,000 kids worldwide suffering from obesity, preventing your kids from becoming part of that statistic is more important than ever.  

One of the easiest ways to do this is to get plenty of protein with every meal. As crazy as it may sound, we have adopted the idea that eating meat is the only way to get a source of protein. In actuality, meat isn’t something we need to eat at every meal. By incorporating plant-based foods into your everyday diet, you can get a great source of protein and other important vitamins and minerals.  

“A plant-based diet can improve kids’ cognitive function, focus, and hyperactivity. We want to give kids a healthy, plant-based alternative.”
  – Marc Elkman, Co-Founder and CEO of Mighty Yum ™ 

Mighty Yum
Mighty Yum ™ Marc Elkman and Howie Panes

Fathers, entrepreneurs, and founders of Mighty Yum ™ Marc Elkman and Howie Panes revolutionized how kids are snacking on the go. With picky eaters and jam-packed lifestyles, the two found it hard to ensure their kids got the nutrition they needed. That is what brought about Mighty Yum ™. A plant-based take on everyone’s favorite nostalgic lunch kit, this snack completely changed how kids snack on the go. Having a plant-based treat that provides great sources of protein and vitamins, this snack is great incorporation to any day. Now, although this take on a favorite treat of our youth, it is still enjoyable at any age. You wouldn’t even know its rich flavors and textures are plant-based.  

So, where do you begin? Here are four tips for getting you and your family to eat healthily and feel good. 

1. Make eating interactive

Kids are so much more responsive to eating healthy when they can make a game out of it. Going apple picking, having a baking contest, or doing some activity outside of eating can get them to eat healthily and entertain them for a while. 

2. Give your kids control.

In addition to a fun day, kids also respond to having a sense of control. Start taking your kids along on the grocery run. Show them some vegetables, give them choices, and let them pick out something to eat. When you do this, your kids will get even more excited about meal time. Having that sense of control is empowering and makes them feel less averse to eating healthy foods. 

3. Grab a Mighty Yum ™ 

When in doubt, you can always grab a Mighty Yum ™ for your kids to enjoy on the go. Get in on the plant-based fun for everyone! 

Healthy eating doesn’t have to be a struggle. In fact, with a little creativity, your kids will start looking forward to it! Instilling these healthy habits can set your family up for a lifetime of health and wellness. And who wouldn’t want that?

Featured Image by Luda Kot from Pixabay