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Beautify Your Home with Patio Doors

Image by Jodie Johnson from Shutterstock

If your like me and are wanting to spruce up your living space, Installing Patio doors is a beautiful option for a luxurious home look. I like looking for ideas in magazines, shows, and even my friend’s homes. Recently I saw a beautiful glass patio door at a hotel room I was staying in, it gave that space a posh touch. The patio sliding doors created a seamless connection between the indoor space with the outdoor space. I wanted this same beautiful natural light of the outdoors inside my home. So when I returned home, I reached out to local companies to see about replicating that look in my home. I’ll share with you a little of what I learned in this process. 

Types of Doors

Glass doors are available in various design structures, each endeavoring a unique, glorious look:

Outdoor Patio doors
Image by Jodie Johnson from Shutterstock

Sliding Patio Doors: 

Sliding Doors are the most common type of glass patio doors that enhance the beauty of the area. They are large in size and allow more natural light to come inside. These patio doors slide one behind the other when they are opened; they occupy less space than other kinds of doors giveing an appealing, more comprehensive view of the outdoors. 

These doors are the most popular kind, and they are preferred almost everywhere. They make the area look more stylish and modern. 


  • Space saving
  • Easy maintenance 


  • More expensive for large rooms 

Swinging or French-style: 

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Swinging patio doors or also known as French Patio doors, an appealing type of patio doors with unique design structures. They add a unique aura to the area and are usually styled with beautiful casement windows. 

French style doors usually were meant to be of the traditional type, but now, various styles have been introduced to make these beautiful doors look modern and stylish.

However, due to the individual opening of the door sides and windows, they are preferable in the homes with a larger space.


  • Varied design patterns
  • Easily Affordable
  • Great energy efficiency
  • Tightly sealed


  • Comparatively less I natural light than other doors
  • More space required

Folding Doors: 

Folding Patio Doors
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Folding doors create a magnificent look. This type of door folds when you open them. They come in customized sizes with a choice of two to eight panels, according to your choice and needs. 

These kinds of doors are usually preferred in smaller areas as they save so much space due to its folding structure.


  • Fresh and luxurious look
  • Space-saving


  • A bit difficult to open due to heavy frames
  • More expensive than other patio doors

Single Patio Door: 

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If you do not wish to go for patios and want a touch of patio doors in your small home area, then 

Single Doors are an option if you want that look in a small space. The single door has only one side and is available in various design options. These types of doors are available in many materials such as aluminum, fiberglass, UPVC, and wood.


  • Useful in smaller or elongated narrow room areas
  • Plenty of designs
  • Easily affordable
  • Energy efficient


  • Lesser inflow of natural light

Styling of Patio Doors

You can style these beautiful patio doors in various areas in your home, such as:

  • Balcony
  • Backyard
  • Entrance
  • Living Rooms
  • Kitchen

Tips For The Right Doors

Image by Jodie Johnson from Shutterstock
  • For entry: If you want to have a door for access, French doors are an excellent choice to go for.
  • For a luxurious look: Sliding and folding doors are the best choices if you want more outdoor exposure and a luxurious look.
  • For security: Sliding and folding patio doors are preferred when it comes to safety. 
  • For a limited budget: the Single Patio door is the most affordable one if you’re looking for a patio door in a limited budget. Though small, they add their charm and enhance the beauty of the home area.

Patio doors are becoming very trendy, allowing you to liven up your entire house. They make the home look more luxurious, inside and out. So, start looking for that amazing look for your home.