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Travelling Beyond: A Guide to Long-Range Expedition Yachts

explorer yacht
explorer yacht

The yachting industry is ever-evolving, and while many yacht owners are content with centering their experience around the yacht, for those who seek adventure, the thrill of yachting comes not from the amenities but from the destination. 


While popular yachting destinations like the Mediterranean and Caribbean make for great luxury vacations. There is a whole world out there filled with hidden treasures, remote islands, and stunning natural beauty just waiting to be discovered. And for any lover of adventure, the opportunity to set sail and see all that awaits is simply too tempting to refuse. 

Owning a long-range expedition yacht is a great way to make the most of the open seas and discover new destinations, cultures, and scenery. Yacht broker Ocean Independence shares its expert advice on buying an explorer yacht. 

What is an explorer yacht? 

From cruisers to catamarans, sailing to motor yachts – the range of vessels available in today’s market is vast. But as keen yacht owners and charterers grow increasingly curious and yearn to venture beyond the beaten track, a new type of yacht, in particular, has surged in popularity: the long-range expedition yacht. This yacht has been purpose-built or converted to cruise some of the world’s most remote locations. 

It is the perfect yacht to explore the most secluded beauty that the world has to offer. The defining features of a long-range expedition yacht include seaworthiness, rangeability, and comfort. Since these yachts are designed for longer voyages, they include generous internal storage space, equipment, and supplies for guests and the crew.

What do you need to consider before buying an explorer yacht? 

Luxury explorer yachts are a significant investment, but if you crave adventure and yearn to explore the secluded, remote corners of the world, it is more than worth the cost.

While some are designed to roam arctic waters, others are built to explore remote tropical islands like the Galapagos. When browsing luxury yachts for sale, consider where and how you will use your yacht to help narrow your search. Ask yourself where you wish to travel, the number of guests you intend to accommodate, and the duration of your voyages. This will help you fine-tune your search. 

Long-range expedition yachts destined for icy climates like Antarctica, the Northwest Passage, and Norway are built to withstand cold temperatures, ensuring guests on board can enjoy the stunning glacial views from the warmth and comfort of the yacht. They often have ice-breaking hulls to ensure safe and efficient voyages. Meanwhile, travelers that wish to explore the tropical waters and exotic wildlife of Australia, New Zealand, or the Maldives are likely to need a yacht that accommodates a warmer climate, with various onboard amenities that allow guests to enjoy the weather – from swimming pools and water toys to alfresco dining areas. 

Equally, while size does matter, it isn’t the be-all-end-all. Larger explorer yachts will have the capacity for larger crews, more storage space, and more onboard amenities. Still, plenty of shipyards specialize in smaller luxury explorer yachts if you seek something more compact and comfortable. The choice is entirely yours. 

And then, of course, there is the critical element of technology. When venturing into lesser-known areas, having the latest surveying technology is key to reducing the risk of the yacht veering off course or running aground. With survey data so regularly being out of date in more remote locations, relying on this alone is not enough to ensure the safety of both the yacht and the guests on board.

But with industry-leading navigation systems that can be mounted onto the yacht, the Captain will be able to survey a wide swathe of the seabed beneath the boat, like an underwater radar that will alert changes in the depth of the water and any potential obstructions that could damage the yacht. While these systems are an additional investment. They are hugely important if you want to explore locations that veer off the beaten track. 

Even with the latest gadgets to help you navigate lesser-known waters, the technology only goes so far – you also need a Captain and crew who understand survey data and are highly experienced at cruising remote locations. 


Ready to take the plunge? Here is a selection of some of the top explorer yachts currently on the market for sale at Ocean Independence:


A majestic explorer yacht with uncompromising go-anywhere ability, NORTHERN SUN is the perfect vessel to explore the world’s remote corners. Take her cruising around Australia and the Whitsundays, or discover the many hidden treasures of South East Asia. Her oriental design influences, robust structure, and long-distance cruising make this Narasaki yacht a true gem of the yachting world. 

Price: 14,724,000 EUR


Robust and ocean-ready, this 68-meter superyacht expedition vessel was built with function and practicality in mind. Her 6,800-mile range gives you the freedom to explore many far-off locations and accommodate 14 guests over spacious five decks. HAWK RANGER 68 will safely and comfortably allow you and your guests to visit any location, no matter the conditions. 

Price: 49,500,000 EUR

3. CAPE HAWK 690

Built alongside award-winning naval architect Laurent Giles, this pioneering explorer yacht features six staterooms across five decks and generous communal spaces inside and on deck. Due for delivery in 2023 and boasting an impressive 48 meters in length and 690 GT in volume, this innovative vessel is perfect for ice-class voyages and remote island adventures. 

Price: 23,500,000 EUR


Also due for delivery in 2023, this modern explorer yacht offers sleek aesthetics and uncompromising stability and strength. She makes the perfect family explorer yacht by combining smooth cruising and comfort with four staterooms and all the latest technology and equipment on board. 

Price: 13,500,000 EUR


Relaunched in July 2020 following an extensive refit and rebuild, OUR WAY is a robust, stable explorer vessel with a military-grade ice-classed hull and large fin stabilizers, making her an idyllic superyacht for icy adventures and rough waters. A sumptuous interior, unique silhouette, and high performance make this explorer yacht truly one-of-a-kind. 

Price: 7,900,000 EUR

One of the many luxuries of owning a yacht is the freedom to explore. Explore new destinations. New cultures. New scenery. Yachting opens up limitless opportunities for adventure, indulgence, and discovery, which is precisely what makes owning a luxury explorer yacht worth the investment.