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Top 5 Holiday Destinations

Top 5 Holiday Destinations
Image by Michael Just from Pixabay

Thinking about what country you should visit for your holiday this year? There are plenty of beautiful destinations to choose from. Would you rather go for sunny and warm, or does a ski holiday fit your liking better? We have got you covered with everything from the Thai islands to sightseeing in the USA and unforgettable ski holidays in France.

United States of America

One of the best ways to explore the beautiful USA is with a fly-drive or self-drive. It’s pretty simple: you fly to your chosen destinations and pick up a hire car. This allows you to explore the open road, experience the local surroundings, and include multiple locations. If this is not really for you, another option is an escorted tour. This is where your expert guide will take you on a journey from the popular places to beautiful sightseeing at the Grand Canyon or Niagara Falls. Everything you need for your trip is sorted out for you. Enjoy your holiday!


Ranked among the world’s happiest nations: Thailand is known as the ‘Land of Smiles.’ Hundreds of locations and sights that you should visit once in a lifetime. Discover the beauty of Buddhist temples, monasteries, and tasty street cuisine that you can find in Bangkok. Does taking a trip to a more popular city not sound like your deal? We recommend visiting Khao Sok National Park. It is assured an unforgettable holiday with its dense jungles, tropical rainforest, and clear blue reservoir.


If you’re not scared of spiders and looking for a more active holiday with a combination of wilderness and city trips, we think Canada is the option for you. Go from shopping, dining, and visiting cultural attractions in Vancouver to immersing yourself in the wilderness areas. For the more adventurous travelers: Alberta is known for its beautiful outdoors, where you can enjoy the mountain lake views, wildlife watching, and go on eco-adventure tours and fishing. While enjoying watching the wildlife, keep an eye out for bears, whales, seals, and bald eagles!


France is a popular tourist destination and attracts 80 million foreign visitors yearly. You’ve got plenty of options on what kind of holiday in France you would like. It is known for its tasty wines, cheese, historic cities, and wonderful palaces. More interested in exploring the snowy Alps in the southern direction of France? Whether you are new or want to improve your techniques, we recommend skiing in the most famous ski town Val d’Isere. Before starting your winter holiday in the snowy Alps, we advise you to take ski lessons for an amazing ski experience.

Featured Image by Michael Just from Pixabay