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Things You Need to Know Before Buying a Weighted Vest

Things You Need to Know Before Buying a Weighted Vest
Image by Wayne Howard from Pixabay

A weighted vest is one of the most used and popular fitness accessories owned by people worldwide. They are not only effective for bodyweight and running exercises but also help during free weight workouts. 

Besides, a weighted vest increases your overall workout resistance and ensures you remain challenged to achieve your desired performance. It is a great tool that enhances your stamina, boosts endurance, and helps you lose weight. 

But since weighted vests come in various designs and sizes, it is hard to choose one. So, what should you do?

Factors to Consider Before Buying Weighted Vests 

Here is a list of factors that require your attention. A clear understanding of these considerations will help you choose the right product that will be suitable for your use. 

So, without further ado, let’s dig in and find out what we are talking about. 

Types of Weighted Vests

There are two different types of weighted vests available in the market. While each type serves different users and purposes, you can choose one that matches your usage criteria. 

Adjustable Weighted Vests

As the name suggests, adjustable weighted vests allow you to decrease and increase weight according to your skill level and comfort. In addition, these vests can easily be filled with fillings like sand or water to reach your desired weight with a smart pocket design. 

Adjustable weighted vests are perfect for users who desire good muscle strength and aim to progress with their stamina. If you are similar, you can add weights gradually in the vest and achieve all your fitness goals. 

Moreover, these vests are also appropriate for you if you love experimenting with different workouts. For instance, a 40Ib vest may help you perform squats, but it may be too much for push-ups. In that case, you don’t have to buy a separate item and adjust the vest’s extra weight to shift from one exercise to another. 

Fixed Weighted Vests

On the flip side, fixed weighted vests do not offer any such adjustments. They are available in one size only and hence do not offer too much flexibility. 

Fixed weighted vests are only perfect for cardio training. However, they are ideal for people who want to wear something sleek and compact on their bodies. 

If you fancy a fixed weight vest, get one with a weight of 10 pounds. This is the best weight limit to start with. However, as you progress with your fitness, you can buy a heavier vest to meet your body’s demands. 

Weight of the Vest

When considering buying a weighted vest, make sure its total weight shouldn’t exceed 10 percent of your body’s weight. 

According to experts, the best-weighted vests should weigh between 4 to 10 percentage of the weight of your body. A vest heavier or lighter than this range will not work effectively. 

Compatibility With Your Body

Do you have a petite figure or proudly own broad shoulders? Does your body have visible curves, or is it all flat? 

Image by karabulakastan from Pixabay

You should be aware of your body type before buying a weighted vest. This factor is imperative to make sure your investment doesn’t go to waste. 

Since weighted vests are available in many shapes and designs, read the specifications before buying one. In addition, some products are specifically designed for women, so make sure you know about them. 

Vest’s Material

If you aim to wear a weighted vest for an extended period, make sure the material of your chosen product is breathable. We are confident you don’t want to harm your body by staying locked in the fabric that doesn’t allow insulation. Moreover, no one loves to smell bad during and after training. 

Sweat-proof vests are usually made from neoprene, and this material is also considered quite durable. Moreover, neoprene is soft and doesn’t react with your body. 

Design of the Vest

If given a choice, would you choose a vest that covers your whole upper body, or would you go for something that covers a small part of your chest only? While the answer to this query might differ for everyone, choosing the vest that’s compact and well-stitched will suit most of you. 

Most fixed-weighted vests offer sleek designs, but adjustable ones are often long and heavy. Therefore, do you search appropriately before finding the vest that suits your design requirement? 

Cost of Your Vest

While this factor varies from person to person, don’t go for cheap or poor-quality weighted vests if you want to invest in something long-lasting. Even if your budget doesn’t allow it, save enough money before adding this accessory to your fitness arsenal

Don’t compromise on the quality just because you lack funds. However, also don’t go overboard with your vest. Please, maintain a good balance between cost and value. 

Parting Words

Remember that a weighted vest that offers good weight capacity and required mobility is the best choice. Moreover, a product that is comfortable to wear and adjusts easily is worth an investment. 

So, now that you know how to pick the best-weighted vests start your search and purchase a quality item for yourself. 

Happy shopping!

Featured Image by Wayne Howard from Pixabay