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10 Ways to Save Money on Auto Repairs

10 Ways to Save Money On Auto Repairs
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Once you own a car, there is no way to avoid repair and maintenance costs, but you can take steps to reduce them. However, in the pursuit of affordability and improved car maintenance management, it would be best to have smart approaches that will see you spend less on maintaining and repairing your car. Here are ten practical ways to save money on your auto repairs.

Find an affordable auto repair shop

Your choice of mechanic like Crash Champions is going to be a major contributor to how much you will spend on your car repairs. Not all mechanics have your interest at heart, which is why you need to find and stick to a reputable auto repair shop, which is not looking for the slightest chance to milk you dry. To find a trusted mechanic, do your research by asking friends or family for referrals while also considering reviews from other past clients. Generally, certified auto repair shops with outstanding ratings, such as campbell body shop, will provide you with quality services at pocket-friendly prices.

Adhere to your maintenance schedules

The biggest mistake that most car owners make is skipping their maintenance schedules because the vehicle looks and feels okay. Keeping up with the car manufacturer’s maintenance timeline is the most efficient way to avoid costly breakdowns while preserving your vehicle’s value. There is more to routine car maintenance than oil changes, as several aspects of the car will be evaluated to ensure there is no underlying problem during a routine checkup. It is the little details that count, and having those brake pads replaced, tires properly inflated, or wheels aligned will save you a lot in the long run.

Make use of your auto services contract

Did you get an extended warranty when buying your car? Then you better get your money’s worth by using the auto services contract every chance you get. Forget about those claims that your warranty becomes void when you do not use a specified dealer for repairs or install aftermarket parts. The truth is that under the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act, your extended warranty should provide you with the specified coverage until the day it expires.

Know the fair price range for auto repairs

You need to do your research to avoid getting ripped off whenever your car requires any repairs. A simple way to do this is by using an online car repair estimator to determine the range of fair price estimates in your area. This will provide you with a bargaining chip that will save you from paying excessive repair charges and allow you to plan on how to finance serious car repairs.

Buy discount parts online

There is no reason why you should never use the internet to your advantage as a car owner. Generally, it costs more to buy car parts at a repair shop than from most online stores. You stand to save as much as 30% or more of the amount you are charged by auto shops when you buy discount parts online. The only caution is that you need the right model number of the parts you require before making that purchase.

Seek second opinions

It never hurts to seek a second opinion about your car repairs if you want a better deal. Make it a habit to ask for quotes from different shops, especially when you know your car needs multiple repairs. You will be amazed at the affordable quotes and discounts that reputable shops are willing to provide. To get better quotes, make it clear you already have an estimate that you consider too high and watch those figures go down.

Invest in a car diagnostic tool

Most mechanics take advantage that car owners never seem to know what is wrong with their cars. This makes it easier for them to make unnecessary repairs or replacements and slap you with a huge bill. A simple way out of this mess is investing in a car diagnostic tool that you can simply plug in and identify faults in your car. You can then use the diagnostic information to make informed choices about the type of repairs you need.

Take advantage of used parts

The general perception about used car parts is that they have seen their better days and will not serve their purpose. This is not true as cars have interior and exterior parts that do not easily wear out. It is cheaper to buy used or salvaged car parts, such as mirrors, rims, bonnets, and headlights for replacement as they will work just as well as new parts.

Avoid procrastinating

A practical way to avoid costly repairs is to heed warning signs such as your check engine light coming on or strange noises underneath the car. The moment you realize anything is amiss, your number one priority should be to have it fixed. Waiting will only make the problem worse, and this means higher repair costs. To avoid procrastination, you also need to pay attention to changes in how your car responds while driving. For example, if your car does not accelerate properly or stalls when idle, it is time to diagnose and fix it before these problems become severe.

Learn how to do simple repairs

Change the oil
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If you want to save money on your auto repair, it is essential to learn how to do simple repairs. There are several car repair and maintenance tasks you can handle, such as changing your oil and filter, rotating tires, and replacing spark plugs. Mastering the techniques of performing these necessary repairs will reduce the number of times you have to visit the auto repair shop and save you those bucks. The good news is that there are lots of online tutorials you can follow, and there is no limit to the car repair skills you can learn with the right dedication.


Your auto repair should not be a source of frustration when there are better ways to manage your car troubles and the costs associated with them. Get proactive about how you spend money on your car by using these tips to save on your repair costs while giving your car the best care possible.

Featured Photo by Laurel and Michael Evans on Unsplash