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How to Finance a Serious Car Repair

Nimble car repair loans
Image by (Joenomias) Menno de Jong from Pixabay

Our set of wheels is a vital aspect of our life. For many motorists, their vehicle is their only means of getting to and from their place of work, and should your car develop a serious issue; it is imperative to have it repaired as soon as possible. Sometimes we are lucky, and the vehicle issue is an inexpensive repair, yet there are occasions when we are looking at an engine rebuild, and that is never going to be cheap. Read on to see how you can get along for your car repairs from companies like Nimble car repair loans.

Nimble car repair loans
Image by (Joenomias) Menno de Jong from Pixabay

Time is of the Essence

Car repairs always seem to come along when we least expect, and if your engine or auto gearbox needs a rebuild, the last thing you need is to have to wait until payday to get your car fixed. Many Australian car owners take advantage of Nimble car repair loans, as this enables you to have the vehicle repaired immediately. With affordable rates, it won’t be long before you are mobile again.

Same Day Loan Approval

When you apply for a car repair loan, you can do without having to wait for a few days for the approval, and with a major online lender, the funds are typically in your account on the same day that you applied. This means you can call the garage and tell them to get started on the repair, which would likely take a few days if it is a major issue, and this means you will be mobile again in a very short time. When it comes to booking your car in for repairs, you can’t do anything until you are certain that you have the funds to pay for the work, and as soon as you receive loan approval, you can safely call the garage and give them the green light to go ahead and order the parts and schedule the repair. If you are concerned about vehicle security, here is an informative blog to help make your car more secure.

Vehicle Recovery

engine repair
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It is usually the case when you have a serious car problem that you break down on the road. If this happens, it is important to contact a suitable car repair garage and ask them to recover the vehicle as soon as possible. Even if you do not have the money to have the car repaired, it must be recovered, so go ahead and instruct the garage to recover your car, then you can think about repair options. Of course, you can’t tell the garage to start work until you are sure you have the money to pay the repair bill, which is another reason to use the services of an online lender, as they can give you that all-important loan approval within a very short space of time. If your business is suffering due to the Covid-19 pandemic, check out this link for government support and assistance, which might be the solution.

Repayment Options

Of course, a lot depends on the amount you need to borrow, and in the case of an engine crankshaft rebuild, you are looking at a significant amount, and by calculating the amount you can repay, you can work out what sort of loan repayment is best for you. It might be best to repay the loan in a few months, or if that is too much, take out a 12-month repayment plan.