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Exercising for Seniors – Here Are a Few Effective Options

Exercising for Seniors - Here Are a Few Effective Options
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As you grow old, your body starts displaying all those signs of carelessness and irresponsibility you showed when you were young. Marietta is one of the most obese cities in America, and the older generation probably has a lot of issues in maintaining their health. Exercising has not been part of their daily life.

Fortunately, it is never too late to get back on track, and you can definitely make some amazing changes in your lifestyle to stay fit even at your age. Many people think that they should not indulge in fitness and health as soon as they retire but little do they know that exercising can significantly impact their bodies. 

However, another important thing to consider is the time and duration of your exercise routine. This subject matter mainly depends on your stamina and endurance but honestly, at your age, exercising four days a week for 30 to 40 minutes every day (or less) is just enough. 

If you want to start exercising in your senior years, here are a few healthy options: 


Despite so many sessions and exercise regimens accessible by people of all ages, walking still stands tall at number one. The humble walk is one of the least stressful and easiest forms of exercise to get the heart rate going. You can easily walk to your nearest park and enjoy an outdoor walk. If you don’t like that, there is always the option to start one of those indoor walking programs. Even though the walk is just an easy way to get oxygen and blood flow running in your body, a person’s strength matters a lot. Some people may find walking 10,000 steps easy and can cover them in an hour.

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On the other hand, other people may feel tired right after 500 steps. So, it all matters on the flexibility of your joints. Fortunately, Marietta chiropractic clinics are available to help you with flexibility and joint health. Waking will strengthen your muscles, improve blood circulation, reduce the risk of heart diseases, and of course, promote spine health. 


If you want to add exercise with a blend of meditation, yoga can be your best friend. Basic yoga is a low-impact workout routine that can definitely bring your heart rate up if you perform the steps correctly. If you are completely new to yoga or are starting after a long time, opt for a basic class rather than a more advanced class. Considering your age, stamina, and muscle strength, your yoga instructor, will make a customized class routine. Many seniors also take chair yoga sessions as it is an extremely low-impact exercise with awesome benefits. Regardless of your choice, seniors who take yoga lessons every day have better sleep quality, better flexibility, better core strength, a stronger immune system, and fewer chances to get depressed. People who don’t do yoga might have to take more sessions at a chiropractor than those who do. 

Water Aerobics 

Water aerobics has gained a significant amount of popularity in the past few years. Although they are a healthy activity of all years, older and obese people have found them the most helpful. Exercising in the water is quite beneficial, especially if you have joint mobility problems such as arthritis. Water does not put a lot of stress on your body, and also, the resistance present in water helps you move your body more without the need for weights. If you are a fan of aerobics or just want to have fun in the pool, call your senior circle and enjoy an active yet healthy activity. Add water aerobics to your to-do list at least three times a week. As it becomes a habit, you will see your body becoming more flexible, strong, and balanced. 


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Just introduced over a century ago, Pilates has gained popularity by being an extremely effective exercise routine for people of all ages. You’ll be surprised at how many actors and Hollywood stars do Pilates. Although there are videos on the internet that you can do, working with a trainer will most certainly bring some miraculous results and changes to your body. It focuses on improving spine strength which is massively important for people in their older years. Apart from that, it also aligns and improves your breathing patterns and boosts concentration power. Although Pilates is a low-impact exercise session, people who do it daily find incredible amounts of strength and active energy in their body. Just silent those who say Pilates doesn’t work. And if they challenge you, bring them to your instructor. Also, if you understand the basics, you can do it at home, but you’ll need equipment like mats, Pilates balls, etc. 

Cardio with Resistance Bands

You definitely cannot lift a five-pounder or a ten-pounder with your age unless you have been an athlete your whole life. Fortunately, the exercise world is so vast that there is something for everyone. Cardio sessions with resistance bands are an awesome way to finish a resistance exercise with very little stress on your joints. In fact, seniors are more prone to enjoy this session in a class because not only are they low cost and extremely affordable, you really do not need a whole gym to complete your session. Just connect YouTube on your TV, get your partner to change and join you, or simply invite friends over to have a nice session with resistance bands. You will find your posture improving, your joints getting more mobile, and an overall increased body balance. So, what are you waiting for? Buy some nice resistance bands and get cracking.


Exercising is a great way to improve your muscle strength and bring mobility to your body at an older age. Seniors can stay active even after retirement by introducing all these low-impact yet highly-effective workout sessions in their routine. If you’re considering getting active, these are the exercises that will help you become stronger, more mobile, and definitely improve your lifestyle standard for a long time. If you feel that your joints are too stiff to exercise, visit a Marietta chiropractic clinic.

Featured Photo by Kamaji Ogino from Pexels

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