All Gentlemen should be able to make a few cocktails exceptionally well, and having the right ingredients is essential. But confusion abounds surrounding one of the most tried and true cocktail mixers: Ginger Beer. Is it alcoholic? (It’s not – not unless they expressly say so.) Are Ginger Beer and Ginger Ale one in the same? (They’re not.) Should a gentleman know the difference and have his go-to brand? (He should.) While rummaging through your bar, you may stop and wonder if you could swap Ginger Ale for Ginger Beer in your favorite Moscow Mule recipe. (You absolutely shouldn’t).

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But here’s one you should try: Bundaberg Ginger Beer, which is craft-brewed over three days using real ginger.  Although Ginger Beer and Ginger Ale both share a ginger taste and some fizz, the two beverages have quite a few distinctions that a true Aspiring Gentleman should be aware of:

  1. Flavor: Ginger Beer offers a deep and complex gingery, spicy flavor profile, while Ginger Ale has a subtle flavor that’s more appropriate for a simple spirit mix where you want a much sweeter finish, like a Rye and Ale. If you seek a drink with complexity and a flavor sensation, then you’ll want to use Ginger Beer.
  2. Ingredients: Ginger Beer has historical roots that date back to England in the 1800s. A true Ginger Beer is made with fresh ginger, not ginger essence or syrup. A great Ginger Beer will also use natural cane sugar to complement the spice of the drink and to give a smoothness you can’t achieve with the high fructose corn syrups found in most Ales.
  3. Brew: A true Ginger Beer follows a very similar brewing process to that of craft beers. It is made with yeast through a natural fermentation process. The folks at Bundaberg are one of the few to brew their drinks and this small batch method provides a crafted, premium, taste that can’t be replicated by mass produced sodas.
  4. Versatility: Ginger Beer is ideal for balancing out other flavors like citrus or alcohol. My personal favorite is a twist on the Moscow Mule called a Mexican Mule, made with Tequila and lime juice. And, I have found that Ginger Beer works with everything from gin to whiskey, providing the depth of flavor those sorts of cocktails need.
  5. Elevated non-alcoholic option: Bundaberg’s stubby glass bottle and depth of flavor provide a refreshing, premium and adult non-alcoholic option, which you should always have on hand for those choosing not to imbibe.


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