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How to choose the perfect picture for your home

choose the perfect picture
Image by MedinaLab from Pixabay

How to choose the perfect picture for your home

People have been decorating their houses with paintings for centuries. Nowadays, it is more affordable to decorate walls beautifully than a hundred years ago when expensive paintings and tapestries were used to decorate rooms. Thanks to new printing technologies on paper, fabric, and glass, you can get pictures of different quality and sizes. Large catalogs of art photos and paintings provide an unlimited choice in terms of plot and style. So there is a question How to choose the perfect picture to compliment your space:

choose the perfect picture
Image by MedinaLab from Pixabay

How to choose the right picture for the interior of your home using a variety of materials and images?

To choose the right picture for an interior, it is necessary to have elementary knowledge in the field of design and have a sense of style. Paintings can evoke strong emotions, create a unique atmosphere in the room, tell a lot about the character of the person who chose it. That is why exhibitions are so popular. Paintings are a powerful tool used to create a space in which a person will feel comfortable and free.

Size your room 

A large painting in a massive frame will visually reduce a small room, and small canvases get lost in a large area. Try cutting out rectangles of different sizes from paper and trying them up against the wall to see what kind of picture works for you. An interesting exception to this rule: a large painting standing on the floor and leaning against the wall will make the space of a small room bigger. Picking up art like this is often tricky, as is sacrificing the space it takes, but it looks awe-inspiring.

There is another small trick: a vertical painting or a vertical composition of several paintings or posters will make the ceiling visually higher. But in apartments with high ceilings with this technique, you should be more careful as it make the room look empty. For such rooms, it is better to pick up horizontally arranged large canvases.

How to choose the right theme

If you can’t think of an image you want to hang in your house, try some win-win options:

  • Use Fan art with your favorite movie and cartoon scenes, book characters;
  • Pictures of where you’ve been or where you dream of going;
  • Images of nature and animals;
  • Motivational quotes and drawings;
  • Abstract art.

When choosing a picture, be guided by your own taste and sensations. Do not rely on the trends and advice of outsiders, you will be looking at this picture every day, so make sure you enjoy the art and that it instills positive emotions.

Combination of style and color

The first thing to always keep in mind is the question of compatibility. Moreover, the compatibility should not only be reflected in your style but also in color. It is possible when a picture may not match in color. But it should always be in the same style as the interior.

For classic and luxurious interiors choose realistic paintings in large frames, as modern style will not look in place.

In apartments decorated classically, paintings are better symmetrically hung on the wall – this will continue the harmony and integrity of the classic design throughout the home. Modern decoration gives freedom and imagination: paintings on the wall can be hung chaotically, mixing large images with small ones, or make a collage of four of the same size.

For an interior without a pronounced theme or style component, the painting can only be selected by focusing on color.

Where to hang your art
Image by Ryan Doka from Pixabay

Where to hang

To choose the best place for your art, experiment: ask a few people to tell you where their eyes fall first when they enter the room. Find your focal point and place the painting there.

If you are not sure if you want to leave the painting in a visible place for a long time and are afraid to spoil the walls, try mounts that do not require drilling:

  • The bluetack is a blue double-sided tape that can withstand up to 1.5 kg of load and leaves no trace;
  • Command Picture Mount – transparent mounts that can withstand up to 2 kg;

Remember that the bigger the canvas, the more space must be available in front of it. Hang large paintings so that there is space in front of them equal to the double-height of the canvas. 

Remember to consider the size of the furniture next to which the painting will hang. The length of the canvas should not be more than half the length of the sofa or dresser above which it hangs. For compositions from photos or posters, this value is increased to two-thirds of the length of the furniture.

Choose the perfect picture for the living room

For decoration of the living room landscapes are suitable: flowering meadows, forested areas, cozy courtyards, scenes from urban and rural life, still lifes with flowers. Paintings in bright colors will give vividness and provide for a cheerful mood.

Paintings for the bedroom

Well-perceived flower motifs and picturesque views near the water (rivers, lakes, pier, sea coast, embankment) are great for the bedroom. Sunsets, a sleeping city in the early morning, night city all work well in the bedroom. Plots about romantic and tender relations in the paintings will mirror your relationships in life.

Paintings for the kitchen

The kitchen will look good with paintings of culinary themes. So for the kitchen in the style of Provence, you can choose pictures in the style of retro advertisements of the French bakery, and for the classic interior still life paintings of old masters are suitable. Art photo compositions of foodstuffs (berries, fruits, vegetables, baked goods, etc.) are ideal for modern styles. Wine, coffee themes will also come in handy.

How to combine art with your interior style

When buying a painting, keep in mind the style of your interior. Even a very likable canvas in the style of pop art is unlikely to please the classic interior, and the landscape in a gilded frame will be challenging to fit into the Scandinavian style. Do not forget about the already existing accents and accessories, so that the interior does not become overloaded. Now that you have all the facts on how to choose the perfect picture for your home, lets get out their and find the perfect picture to add to your home.